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#52tuesdays: Autism After 18

October 17, 2017    in

When your child is diagnosed with autism, there are services to assist parents and there are resources through the schools.

But what happens when your autistic child is about to graduate high school? That's when services and resources begin to dwindle and 35 percent of young adults (ages 19-23) with autism have not had a job or received post-secondary education.

Autism After 18Margaret and Erik Neelsen cofounded  Autism After 18 in May 2016 to help young adults with autism progress toward independent lives. Their son Ryan was in high school and they begin to look at what his next steps would be.

#52tuesdays: Ace & TJ Grin Kids

October 10, 2017    in

Charlotte morning radio hosts Ace & TJ provide entertainment each morning to multitudes of listeners. But once a year, they shift their focus and put smiles on the faces of terminally ill or chronically disabled children and their families.

Since 2000, Ace & TJ's Grin Kids has taken more than 400 terminally ill or chronically disabled children and their families on an all-expense paid trip to Disney World. An experience that otherwise could not have happened for these deserving families.

Each year the organization charters an airplane fly Grin Kids and families to Orlando so everyone can travel together.

Nonprofits Celebrating Abilities

October 5, 2017    in

In 2016, Mecklenburg County reported 66,454 people with disabilities. In October SHARE Charlotte’s Spotlight Series focuses on local organizations providing support, care, education and advocacy for our neighbors living with disabilities. See who they are and find ways to help. #CelebrateAbilities

Ace & TJ’s Grin Kids
Dedicated to enriching the lives of terminally ill or chronically disabled children. 

Allegro Foundation
Combines movement instruction with educational and medical expertise, creating new techniques to teach children with disabilities and enhance their quality of life.

HKB Cosmetic Surgery's Beauty Bash Supports Charlotte Nonprofits

September 29, 2017    in

Hunstad Kortesis Bharti Cosmetic Surgery supports Charlotte's cancer network by offering reconstructive breast surgeries for patients who have had a mastectomy. The center also helps patients with skin cancer by offering procedures to surgically remove cancerous and other skin lesions using specialized techniques to preserve patient's health and appearance.

Hunstad Kortesis Bharti Cosmetic Surgery loves to give back. The center's 7th Annual Beauty Bash takes place Oct. 13-14 at its two locations and for the second year in a row, Beauty Bash will shine the spotlight on local nonprofits and award one $10,000. Hunstad Kortesis Bharti Cosmetic Surgery worked with SHARE Charlotte to identify three local organizations this year:

Go Jen Go Assists With Financial Strain Caused by Breast Cancer

September 28, 2017    in

When you get a diagnosis, like breast cancer, all your effort and energy should go into getting well. But doctor’s appointments and treatment time can create added expenses and compromise employment and income and can make paying bills difficult, if not impossible. 

Edwina Pierce was diagnosed with breast cancer once in 2014 and for a second time in 2016. 

#52tuesdays: Jeff Gordon Children's Foundation

September 26, 2017    in

In the height of his NASCAR racing career in 1999, Jeff Gordon established the Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation which supports children battling cancer by funding programs that improve patients’ quality of life, treatment programs that increase survivorship and pediatric medical research dedicated to finding a cure.

In addition, the Foundation provides support to the Jeff Gordon’s Children’s Hospital in Concord, N.C., which serves children in the community by providing a high level of primary and specialty care, regardless of their ability to pay.

LLS Man of the Year Advocates for Patients After Decade in Remission

September 25, 2017    in

“No one can prepare you for what it will take mentally to get through the cancer process,” said Scott Peterson, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s 2017 Man of the Year.

Peterson was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and following rigorous testing, underwent eight rounds of Chemotherapy putting him into remission in May 2007. During his treatment he found The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s patient support program. Scott Peterson

“Being a male and being someone who was brought up to ‘suck it up’ … I thought i could get through it,” he said. “Through the process I had friends I could rely on and it’s a program that’s very important.”

Charlotte Mom Fights Disease, Now Wants a Cure for Sarcoma

September 21, 2017    in

You're active. You're a mom. And then you get diagnosed with cancer. You begin treatments and yes, you lose your hair.

In October 2015, Julia McGrath was diagnosed with sarcoma, a cancer of the bone or connective tissue, such as nerves, muscles, cartilage, tendons, fat, and blood vessels.  She underwent surgery and her chemo treatments began in November 2015.

Julia McGrath“My kids didn’t want anyone to know," McGrath said. "I wore scarves and maybe people knew. Allowing people to see my hair was such a focal point. It was a moment for me to let go and end the shame of losing my hair.”

McGrath's treatments ended in February 2016.

"I got it early and I got it out through surgery,” McGrath said.

But her journey has not ended. 

#52tuesdays: Levine Museum of the New South

September 19, 2017    in

Whether you are from Charlotte or not — and many residents these days are not — Levine Museum of the New South provides an excellent insight into our city’s past and how that past has shaped where we are today.

History helps us make sense of our community, invites us to explore our differences, and challenges us to think critically about today’s questions to inform the decisions we make for future generations. Levine Museum of the New South believes its mission – using history to build community – is not only useful, it is essential.