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#52Tuesdays: June 6 is Global Running Day, Celebrate with RunningWorks

Written by Addie Rising    on June 5, 2018    in

Charlotte is a city filled with runners. You see them on the streets. You see them on the greenways. You see them when it’s 90 degrees outside and you see them when it’s 30 degrees.  The Queen City has even been recognized as one of the top cities in the country for runners.

And all those runners you see around town? They each have a story of how running has changed their life. For some, running has simply increased their fitness. For others, running has improved their health. And for some, thanks to RunningWorks, running has provided a way out of homelessness.

Since 2012, RunningWorks has been dedicated to the cause of working to end homelessness and food-insecurity in the Carolinas, using running and education to empower individuals and families to break cycles of abuse, neglect, poverty and homelessness one stride at a time.

#52tuesdays: Urban Ministry Center

Written by Addie Rising    on October 3, 2017    in
Urban Ministry Center is dedicated to bringing the community together to end homelessness, one life at a time. Urban Ministry Center provides basic services for our neighbors experiencing homelessness including a soup kitchen, laundry, showers, mail, telephone, and counseling to take specific steps necessary to end homelessness. 

#52tuesdays: Men's Shelter of Charlotte

Written by Addie Rising    on February 28, 2017    in

While a main function of Men’s Shelter of Charlotte is as an emergency shelter for men, the organization also works to end homelessness for each man by providing services needed to make that happen.

Over the last three years, the Men’s Shelter of Charlotte has helped more than 1,200 men move home.

Last weekend, Michael and Ronnie were able to move into their new home with the help of Crisis Assistance Ministry. These two friends met at Men’s Shelter of Charlotte and decided to work together to better their lives. “I told [the staff at Men’s Shelter of Charlotte] that I wanted to be a success story,” Ronnie said. 

SHARE Charlotte Spotlight Series

Written by Addie Rising    on February 28, 2017    in
Each month, SHARE Charlotte is committed to showing how our city is connected through its nonprofit organizations. We will explore themes and issues that are important to us all and highlight how Charlotte's nonprofits are working toward building a better city. At the end of the day, they need our help. We hope you'll find an organization, a cause or a way to give back that is meaningful to you.
Homelessness in Charlotte

Spotlight: Hope House Foundation

Written by Addie Rising    on February 23, 2017    in

Several miles north of Uptown tucked in an accessible residential area is Hope House Foundation and more specifically, the actual Hope House. 

Stepping inside Hope House, signs of hope are everywhere -- in the decor, the cheerful faces of the staff and the brightness that the home exudes. The home provides shelter and acts as a much-needed reset button for women looking to make changes and set a different course for their lives.

Hope House provides housing and support services for single unaccompanied women or women with children experiencing situational homelessness. The home has 12 beds in a pleasant congregate living environment to encourage transformative life choices. Hope House helps women from various backgrounds, age groups, and from all walks of life.

SHARE Hero: JJ Twer

Written by Addie Rising    on February 22, 2017    in
“You don't have to wait to be an adult to change the world,” is something said often and taken to heart in the Twer family.

JJ Twer, 11 (through Urban Ministry Center’s Room in the Inn program) has been serving and sitting down to have dinner with Charlotte’s homeless neighbors since she was just two years old.  

“[JJ] talks to them; she asks about their families,” JJ's mom Paige Twer said. “She has read to them.  She has had conversations with them that at first makes me want to go and interrupt, but instead I listen and I see how she connects with them.”  

Last year for JJ's 10th birthday she wanted to do something with purpose. She decided that she just could not imagine feeling forced to live on the streets during the upcoming cold winter months. And that’s how JJ’s Scarf Project was born. Paige thought they might take a dozen or so scarves and tie them to trees in Uptown Charlotte to be found. 

#52tuesdays: Charlotte Rescue Mission

Written by Addie Rising    on February 21, 2017    in
Charlotte Rescue Mission's Rebound campus for men just on the outskirts of Uptown bustles with a hopeful energy for its residents, one-time homeless men struggling with addiction to alcohol or drugs. A screen with the week's schedule is filled from wake-up at 5:45 a.m. until lights out at 10:30 p.m. with meetings, devotions, activities and chores to keep the 150 residents invested in their treatment. 

SHARE Hero: Lesley Faulkner

Written by Addie Rising    on February 15, 2017    in
I met Lesley Faulkner as we volunteered together with our daughters for one of our church’s Room in the Inn nights. It was a Friday night in December and my first time with Room in the Inn. (Since 1996, the Urban Ministry Center (UMC) has partnered with colleges and congregations of many faiths to open their facilities to provide shelter and food for homeless people during the winter months, Dec. 1 - March 31). We prepared dinner and dined with our guests. I quickly learned about her involvement with Urban Ministry Center and how deeply she cares about these neighbors. She’d met one of our Room in the Inn guests earlier in the day during her weekly front-desk shift at UMC.


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