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McColl Center for Art + Innovation

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Year Founded:
Local Leader / Exec. Director:
Alli Celebron-Brown
Main Address:
721 N Tryon St
Charlotte, NC 28202

Creative Shifts: Collaborating For Action (Facebook Live)

McColl Center alumnus artists Mel Chin—conceptual, multi-disciplinary artist—and Ben Premeaux—photographer and documentary filmmaker—first collaborated on the project "Fundred PSA" to eradicate lead poisoning during Chin’s McColl Center residency in 2012. Since then, an unbreakable creative bond has been forged between the pair, Chin with poetic provocations of social responsibility and Premeaux with thoughtful imagery. Committed to applying their creative strength on the issues of our complex time, Premeaux leads the discussion on the next incarnation of "Fundred", the water crisis fashion statement of "Flint Fit", and the events leading up to the climate-aware short film "L’arctique est Paris".

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721 North Tryon Street
Charlotte, NC 28202
United States


September 16, 2020 -
7:00pm to 8:00pm