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Arthritis Patient Services

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Year Founded:
Local Leader / Exec. Director:
Cynthia Berrier, RN, BSN
Main Address:
5801 Executive Center Dr
Charlotte, NC 28212

What We Do

Most people just don't get it-Arthritis and Chronic Pain- that is. The physical and emotional toil is VERY real. Effective coping means learning evidence-based skills and that's what we do best.

Since our humble beginnings in 1977, Arthritis Services is a local, non-profit, community based organization serving our community faithfully by transporting arthritis/chronic disease evidence-based self-management services to persons that need them the most throughout Mecklenburg County. Fifty-two percent of our participants are aged 60-74, 48% are 75 and up, 62% are African American, 31% are Caucasian, 53% report living alone, and 43% are below the poverty level.

We are not a foundation, but rather a local community organization that has lain a foundation for the provision of arthritis/chronic disease self-management opportunities that are delivered on-site throughout our community.

The Community Arthritis/Chronic Disease Project (CACDP), sponsored by Arthritis Services sets its strategic course to focus on the health and mental health of Mecklenburg County's most vulnerable arthritis sufferers in underserved communities. We do this through preventative health services consisting of professionally facilitated evidence-based strategies designed to combat pain, activity limitations, and depression.

We focus on the low income,often elderly resident in Charlotte, Pineville, Matthews, and Mint Hill. We produce measurable outcomes that demonstrate that our strategies improve and maintain independence among those that participate. This has far reaching implications in keeping people active contributing members of our community, despite having a chronic health problem.The programming also has relevance in helping adults/ older adults with pre- diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, depression, and obesity- and has proven outcomes of reduced pain, improved mobility, mental health, and socialization.
We do serve all ages of adults with arthritis/related co-morbid conditions, but our focus tends to be on keeping the older adult as healthy as possible. TEN THOUSAND persons are turning 65 every day in America over the next 19 years! This will cause a major public health problem because 82% will most likely have one chronic health condition (often arthritis) and 55% will have two illnesses. Arthritis Services is positioning to grow our services in an effort to meet this public health issue head on.

What sets us apart?
We don't just tell people they need to do self management. We provide on-going opportunities to do so, and we do it by reducing barriers to participation."

Interesting Info

497 evidence based coping classes delivered to 22 close to home locations for easy accessibility for those persons most vulnerable.
Our big GOAL: 200 Hand Held personal tablets provided to socially isolated seniors with chronic health conditions to help with their self-management activities!
The Community Arthritis/Chronic Disease Project -a 17 year project in collaboration with the Meck Co Senior Nutrition Program!

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