The Free Indeed Project of Charlotte

Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Janet Butts
Main Address

4822 Albemarle Road
Charlotte, NC 28205
United States

Albemarle Business Park
United States

What We Do
Everyone deserves the right to live free indeed! We build a safe, healthy, and sustainable environment for women transitioning from incarcerated situations or women at risk of incarceration. We strive to develop holistic relationships with disenfranchised women and lead them through heightened life skills training. To inspire their creativity, hopes, and dreams and promote new life, liberty, and prosperity. We exist to encourage, educate, equip, and empower! Our life enrichment programs are unique and geared towards promoting qualitative living, family planning, leadership development, career guidance, and the fundamentals of human rights and responsibilities.
Interesting Info
  • We are a three-year three phase program addressing the total needs of post-incarcerated women, and women at risk of incarceration
  • 2 out of 5 women return to incarcerated circumstances primarily from commiting crimes that support their substance abuse habits!
  • To own the building we currently rent space in to accommodate the first two phases of our programming
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