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The Lunch Project

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Year Founded:
Local Leader / Exec. Director:
Tricia Sistrunk
Main Address:
PO Box 31264
Charlotte, NC 28231

What We Do

The Lunch Project (TLP) is dedicated to empowering communities by supporting school lunch programs in Tanzania, teaching empathy education and inspiring service in all children.

Stateside, the goal is global empathy education that provides a highly-visual demonstration of the impact individual actions can make around the world. Internationally, this organization provides students with the fuel to learn while stimulating economies through locally-sourced goods and services.

The Lunch Project gives kids the fuel to learn.


When we heard that Covid 19 had reached Tanzania last week and the schools were being closed for a month, our first thought was what this meant to the families we serve. For many of the children, the hot lunch provided through our community based feeding program is the only meal they have in a day. Our concern for what an unplanned school break meant for the families of these children spurred us into immediate action. Within days, a plan was formed to ensure that our most vulnerable families would have provisions to get them through the month.

Ernest, our amazing Program Coordinator in Tanzania, has begun the process of meeting with the community leaders and school administrators to identify the 200 families with the greatest need at each of our five schools. We are also fortunate to have the help and support of the staff at The Foundation For Tomorrow, our on-the-ground partner in Tanzania. Once the most vulnerable families are identified, those 1,000 families will receive relief packets, which will contain supplies for a months worth of meals. ‚ÄčEach packet costs approximately $12 per family.

What We Need:

This is where we need your help. In order to continue to be able to meet the needs of the families we serve in Tanzania, we are hoping you will consider making a recurring donation. This will give us the cash flow to be as responsive as possible to help the families we serve in Tanzania as they face Covid 19. A commitment to pay $24 per month for a year would pay for 24 relief packets, a one time donation of $600 will provide 50 relief packets, and even a $12 donation will go a long way to help a family in need. Whether you are able to begin making recurring donations or are making a one time donation, every bit will help us with the important work we are doing.

Interesting Info

9 cents feeds a child in TZ a hot meal and $100 feeds school lunch to 900. The lunch program is locally sourced, environmentally friendly and community run.
TLP is enabling a locally sourced lunch program 5 days a week to over 1800 primary school students at two public primary schools in Tanzania, and growing.
Since TLP started, more than 5,000 individuals have been exposed to empathy education and experiences.

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