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#52Tuesdays: Foundation For Girls, Diamond's Story

Written by Addie Rising    on March 5, 2019    in

In 2017, Diamond Williams was a shy teen in crisis. She was young, pregnant and living in a home for teen moms. That’s when she met Foundation For Girls Founder Shreya Mantha and began a new path for her life.

Foundation For Girls began in 2014 to change the life trajectory of vulnerable girls. The organization consists of a community of passionate coaches and gives access to opportunities and the scaffolding for success through its four-pillar programming in Digital Literacy, Financial Wellness, Leadership, and Health & Well-Being.

Diamond first went through Foundation For Girls’ Leadership Program. When she was learning about how to be a leader in her own life, learning to journal, and creating a vision board, she expressed her desire to create and have a home for her daughter. She lost her mother when she was nine years old and never had a stable home. After she completed the Leadership program, she was referred to the Financial Wellness Program so that she could learn how to be fiscally responsible, budget, and prepare to have her own home. With the support of Foundation For Girls and having caring coaches in her life for the first time, Diamond has a security job and is living in her own apartment with her 11-month old daughter Rylin.

Thanks to funds raised during #GivingTuesdayCLT, Diamond also works as a workshop coordinator for Foundation for Girls and helps other girls who are where she once was.

Having Diamond assist other girls validates that what Mantha has built is working.

“She validates every time that what Foundation For Girls has created is unique,” Mantha said. “It’s real women and girls helping girls in distress and holding their hands in this journey. It was never about just the programs, it is the people, and the team of coaches at Foundation For Girls.”

Diamond holds a special place in her life for Foundation For Girls.

“If it wasn't for the resources and information that Foundation For Girls provided I'm not sure how I could've done this alone,” Diamond said. “Foundation For Girls is an empowering and kind foundation serving the youth and changing lives.”

But Diamond’s journey is only beginning.

“We are also excited to share the big news that Diamond is soon beginning her training as a Registered Behaviour Therapist and will begin a full time job with a 401K plan and health and dental benefits,” Mantha said. “She has never experienced anything like this and is ecstatic. We are grateful to our board member, Dr. Adi Khindaria and his company Kare Partners for training and hiring Diamond.”

Mantha hopes that Diamond’s story is one of many to come from her organization.

“We want to connect as many girls to economic opportunities because we know that they all have dreams and want to be financially independent,” Mantha said.