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#52tuesdays: Mama Hope

Written by Addie Rising    on January 24, 2017    in
Mama Hope began in 2006 and has partnered with communities around the globe to support them in generating local sustainable sources of income so they no longer have to be dependent on the aid community for their livelihood. 

In 2016, Mama Hope launched a new program.

Seeing great success in developing countries, the organization piloted a United States-based initiative right here in Charlotte in the Grier Heights neighborhood. Led by Mama Hope Global Advocate Jania Massey and Crossroads Corp., this new program helps high-school girls develop a youth entrepreneurship platform that could lead to a business that could generate income to support local youth.

#52tuesdays - Mama HopeMama Hope Development Director Hannah Beavers said since this is the organization's first project in the U.S., the main goal for #GivingTuesdayCLT was to get people to understand the work globally to better understand the local project.

"We train social entrepreneurs (called Global Advocates) in a 9-month training program and then we put them in partnership with communities around the world," Beavers said. "“We’ve been so impressed by the work Jania has been able to do on the advocacy side. It’s been really exciting to see the impact she’s been able to make.”

While Mama Hope's training and Massey's drive have been invaluable to this community, it's these high-school girls who have given something special to Massey.

"This program shows the power of unity, collaborative solutions and trust," Massey said. "Each young lady has a unique voice and perspective that allows you to define what community means and how to make a impact using your strength and skill-set. The most rewarding part of the program is to see the young ladies work together toward a common goal, which is to be the change the world needs to see. How they engage in finding solutions that are beneficial for the community blows my mind each and every time. I am rooting for them to win because I believe in them 1000 percent."

Through #GivingTuesdayCLT, Mama Hope generated awareness for Massey's efforts in Grier Heights. 

"We are so grateful to be a part of #GivingTuesdayCLT and to use this money raised to expand our Charlotte programs," Beavers said.


Jania Massey (left) and Hannah Beavers (right) were featured during Mama Hope's #GivingTuesdayCLT WeLoveCLT takeover.