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Announcing the SHARE Charlotte and City of Charlotte Jumpstart Grantee Partnership

Written by Sarah Haylett    on August 30, 2021

The City of Charlotte and SHARE Charlotte have a mutual desire to provide resources to local grassroots nonprofits. In 2019, we began to explore ways to collaborate and provide access to professional development opportunities and social capital (connection to other nonprofits, funders, local experts, etc.) 

We are excited to announce that we have formalized this partnership, giving the City of Charlotte's JumpStart Grantees access to all of SHARE Charlotte's programming, including educational workshops, networking events, an annual Nonprofit Summit, and more. SHARE Charlotte is thrilled to continue making connections, providing resources, and building cohesiveness for Charlotte's nonprofit community, and this new partnership with the City will continue that growth. 

Read this interview with Lacey Williams, Program Manager of the City of Charlotte, to learn more about this partnership.


What is JumpStart and why was it created by the City of Charlotte?
JumpStart was created to support our grassroots and community-led organizations who are often doing crucial work in communities but are not large enough to receive more traditional philanthropic dollars.  The program provides micro-grants to the organizations, brings organizations together to network and collaborate, and provides leadership and organizational development training to grantees. 

How many organizations have been funded and supported through this initiative?
JumpStart has funded 180 organizations with over $350,000 in grants.

Why are you partnering with SHARE Charlotte to continue to provide resources to JumpStart Grantees?
SHARE Charlotte is an established and well-executed nexus for our non-profit community.  SHARE provides a plethora of support, visibility, and networking opportunities for local non-profit organizations, and it just makes sense to have our grantees integrate into that community.  We are impressed with Share’s leadership and commitment to amplifying the work of grassroots-led non-profit organizations.  Moreover, we believe the SHAREShine program will support our JumpStart grantees in taking their work to the next level.