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Where's share?

Written by admin_1    on September 17, 2014
International House

It took 13 years, but with determination and the help of this Charlotte organization, this family was finally able to be together.

Where's SHARE these days? At International House, where they promote international understanding and help immigrants integrate fully into our community.

International House has some unique opportunities to get volunteer - in ways that could open new doors for you and your family! Watch this short video to learn more.

What's Your Reason?

Written by admin_1    on September 15, 2014
Jess Norman, a SHARE Neighbor & community volunteer

Jessica Norman is a mom, graphic artist, web designer, business owner, community volunteer and a SHARE Neighbor. She also has an adorable little five year old daughter who goes everywhere with her - learning how to be a giving member of her community right from the start!

We recently caught up with this very talented, very busy professional to find out why she works volunteering into her life. 

You juggle a lot of priorities, between being a mom and a business owner. Why do you make time to volunteer?

Where's share?

Written by admin_1    on September 11, 2014
Click here to watch the video.

One of our recent "Where's SHARE?" adventures led us to this organization. Most folks know about their fabulous fitness center, but they do so much more, from transitional housing to after-school programs with an emphasis on fun and learning.  Watch this video to discover - Where's SHARE?

Your favorite post: August

Written by admin_1    on September 7, 2014

It's time to revisit reader favorites from August! Last month it was our co-written post with the folks at Charlotte Smarty Pants about education-focused nonprofits. Check it out below - we hope you find an exciting way to get involved!


Education helps define the next generation’s outcomes. - Rebecca Wofford, Executive Director of The Lunch Project, and mom of two

Education is one of the best tools our children have in creating a happy and healthy life, but some kids and families in our community need a little extra help getting that strong start – whether it be tutoring, school supplies, or just a mentor.

We’ve listed some local organizations that are doing amazing work for today’s youth – both here in Charlotte and in places around the world. Some just need financial donations; some need volunteers; and, some need a little of each. Take a look and think about how you can make a difference.