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Lydia's Legacy a Daughter's Fulfillment of Mother's Wishes

Written by Addie Rising    on March 29, 2017    in

By Erin Bissette

When is the last time you observed high tea time? What about tee time? If it’s been a while since you had a formal tea or got to play an afternoon of golf, Lydia’s Legacy is providing the opportunity for you to participate in both tea and tee afternoons while supporting a great cause with their upcoming fundraising events in Charlotte.

#52tuesdays: Charlotte Bilingual Preschool

Written by Addie Rising    on March 28, 2017    in
Did you know that Latino children comprise 18.5 percent of Charlotte-Mecklenburg School’s (CMS) total student enrollment, but only 65 percent of them are graduating from high school. Nearly 1 of 4 babies born in Mecklenburg County is Latin American, many of whom are born to immigrant parents with high hopes for their children but few financial resources.

Charlotte Bilingual PreschoolCharlotte Bilingual Preschool is a 5-star licensed dual-language preschool that prepares our Spanish-speaking students to enter kindergarten ready to learn.

In addition to getting these young learners ready for kindergarten, Charlotte Bilingual Preschool also spends time working with the parents of these children.

Task Force Recommends Bold Action to Bridge Charlotte's Opportunity Gap

Written by Addie Rising    on March 27, 2017
On Monday Charlotte's 20-member Opportunity Task Force released its findings after a nearly two-year look at our community focusing on "the inheritance of intergenerational poverty and its negative impact on the life trajectory of far too many of Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s children and youth."

While Charlotte -- on the surface -- is thriving, attracting nearly 50 people a day to the community a study in 2013 shows a different side to the city. In 2013, a Harvard University/UC Berkeley study uncovered the other part of our story – our community ranked 50th out of 50 in economic mobility among the largest U.S. cities—specifically the ability of a child born in the bottom income quintile to rise to the top income quintile as an adult.

The Task Force gave its findings in great detail, which you can read here, along with tactical recommendations.

Local Organizations Provide Support, Paths to Safety for Domestic Violence Victims

Written by Addie Rising    on March 23, 2017    in
The national statistics are absolutely alarming. 

More than 1 in 3 women (35.6%) and more than 1 in 4 men (28.5%) in the U.S. having experienced rape, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner in their lifetime.

In Mecklenburg County there were 9,053 police incident reports filed with a domestic violence relationship in 2015. That’s 9,053 too many.

Charlotte is fortunate to have seven nonprofit organizations that work with and support those dealing with domestic violence.

#52tuesdays: Care Ring

Written by Addie Rising    on March 21, 2017    in
Care Ring is dedicated to providing preventive health services for the uninsured, underinsured or those lacking access to affordable, high-quality preventive health care. Through its Low-Cost Clinic, Nurse-Family Partnership and Physicians Reach Out, Care Ring serves more than 7,000 people annually in Mecklenburg County. 

Local Teen Going Above and Beyond for Charlotte's Girls

Written by Addie Rising    on March 16, 2017    in

By Erin Bissette

Privilege has been a much contested issue in the media recently; who has it, why they have it, and whether or not people with privilege are able to acknowledge its presence. 

One Charlotte teen is taking that delicate phenomenon and using her own privilege to help those with less of it through her nonprofit, Foundation for Girls.

#52tuesdays: Project Scientist

Written by Addie Rising    on March 14, 2017    in
Project Scientist is creating the next generation of superheroes right here in Charlotte.

Founded in Charlotte, Project Scientist educates, coaches and advocates for girls and women who have a passion, aptitude and talent for STEM. Its core programs include Project Scientist Academy, a six-week summer science intensive for 4-12 year olds held on a university campus and Project Scientist Expeditions, year-round full-day STEM Expeditions for girls when school is closed. Based on existing research of what inspires, motivates, and builds confidence for girls in STEM, Project Scientist programs and endeavors allow them to engage and empower girls.

#31WomenCLT: A Look at Charlotte Through its Women and Their Concerns

Written by Addie Rising    on March 12, 2017
As you probably know, March is Women's History Month. To honor the women who have paved the way for us,  we've been talking to women in Charlotte from all walks of life in an effort of showing a representation of many different women in Charlotte and the different concerns and hopes for our community as well as highlight businesses and professions they represent and nonprofit organizations they support.

Forget 'Less is More'; Women's Impact Fund Proves 'More' Can Be Awesome

Written by Addie Rising    on March 10, 2017

By Amy Jacobs

People magazine is a guilty pleasure of mine.  If we are all being honest with ourselves, who isn't just a little bit curious what is going on with the-couple-formerly-known-as-Brangelina?   So I felt right at home when I learned that an organization that I have been part of for ​more than ​three years, Women's Impact Fund​ (WIF)​, was born ​after co-founder Claire Tate read an article ​in a 1998 issue of People ​about women giving away money in Seattle​.  ​

How Girls on the Run Kept me Strong as a Kid and an Adult

Written by Addie Rising    on March 9, 2017    in
By Erin Bissette

Girls on the Run Charlotte has a pretty simple mission: to inspire girls to be joyful, healthy, and confident. Sounds like a noble goal, right? But how do you even begin to approach and explain these subjective and sometimes abstract concepts to girls ages 8-13?

Girls on the Run combines discussion of tough-to-tackle life lessons with cleverly integrated running activities that feel more like games and team building exercise than bi-weekly workouts that build up to an end-of-season 5K event. Girls on the Run, which was founded in Charlotte, is commonly misnomed a 'running program,' and though it does include running as a huge focus, the heart of the curriculum is youth development, using running as a means to unite and empower girls.

Spotlight: Circle de Luz

Written by Addie Rising    on March 8, 2017    in
Since 2008, Circle de Luz has radically empowered young Latinas in Charlotte by supporting their transformation through extensive mentoring, holistic programming and scholarship funds for further education.

Circle de Luz founder Rosie Molinary, who teaches at UNC Charlotte, wrote a book called “Hijas Americanas: Beauty, Body Image, and Growing Up Latina” and knew the statistics around teen pregnancy and high school graduation weren’t good for young Latinas. She joined together with like-minded women and decided to do something about it. 
  • 41 percent of Latinas do not graduate with their class in 4 years
  • One third of Latinas drop out of high school and cite marriage or pregnancy as the reason
  • 51 percent of Latinas will become pregnant by age 20

#52tuesdays: Girl Scouts, Hornets' Nest Council

Written by Addie Rising    on March 7, 2017    in
Did someone say Thin Mints?

While the Girl Scouts might be known everywhere for their amazing cookie sale that occurs precisely one month after everyone begins the new year by committing to gyms, crossfit and numerous 5Ks. But it’s what they do with the funds raised from the cookie sales, and other fundraising efforts like #GivingTuesdayCLT, that’s so impressive.
Girl Scouts, Hornets' Nest Council
Locally, the Girl Scouts, Hornets’ Nest Council serves 17,000 girls in eight counties in North and South Carolina. The Charlotte chapter was founded in 1935 with one mission, to build girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place.

It’s Time for a Little #GirlPowerCLT

Written by Addie Rising    on March 3, 2017    in
Who run the world? Girls!

We agree with Beyonce. Girls do rule … in numbers. But unfortunately, it's not always the case when it comes to opportunities, education and security. 

At the last census in 2015*, there were 537,232 women living in Mecklenburg County compared to 496,838 men which means women are the majority at 52 percent.

Even though its 2017, there are challenges many women still face. Thankfully, Charlotte has many organizations that work hard to support girls and women in our community and SHARE Charlotte is partnered with many of them.