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#52tuesdays: Teen Health Connection

April 11, 2017    in
This year, Teen Health Connection is celebrating 25 years of service to teens and families in the Charlotte community. Over the last 25 years, the organization's work has stayed true to its mission: to improve the health of adolescents by providing physical and mental healthcare services, education, advocacy and research through connections with teens, parents and the community. Since 1992, Teen Health Connection has provided more than 171,000 comprehensive healthcare visits to teens and families with 9,063 comprehensive healthcare visits provided in 2016 alone.

Charlotte's SHAREheroes Live Among Us and We Think They're Awesome

April 5, 2017    in

Volunteering makes the world go round. It just does. By definition to volunteer is to freely offer to do something. That's it. Holding a door open for someone, helping a neighbor with a project, taking a meal to a family with a new baby all fit the bill and are all efforts greatly appreciated. But there are those who work -- for free -- right here in Charlotte to make our city better for those around them. These are our SHAREheroes and we'd like you to meet them.

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SHAREhero Emily McGraneEmily McGrane