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#52tuesdays: Jaron Strom

Written by Addie Rising    on June 27, 2017    in

"Music can change the world because it can change people." ― Bono

Charlotte singer and songwriter Jaron Strom shared his gifts on Nov. 29 at our Giving Tuesday event at Sugar Creek Brewing.  This event ended a phenomenal two-week #GivingTuesdayCLT campaign and provided the perfect celebration.

This month, Strom released his first album, #Feelz, which is available on iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud. 

We Have Our Winners in the #ArtForAllCLT Instagram Photo Contest!

Written by Addie Rising    on June 23, 2017
Art is everywhere even if we don't realize it. In June, we partnered with MyCamera Charlotte  and wanted to see the community's artistic perspective. Whether it was a photo of an actual piece of art or just an extraordinary perspective on something ordinary, we wanted to see! But more importantly, we wanted everyone to see, so we launched an Instagram Photo Contest. After a week of submissions followed by a week of voting, we had THREE winners!

1st Place Winner

City lines.

Prize:  Painting of Charlotte Skyline by local artist Sydney Durrett

Come Sing Along with Charlotte

Written by Addie Rising    on June 20, 2017
By Jerrika Swartz

You know when you hear a song and just want to sing along? It's hard not to, especially if you know every word. Tosco Music invites your participation at what they call music parties and open mic nights. Tosco Music has been a nonprofit now for 18 years, but the music parties have been happening for more than 25 years. They started in John Tosco's living room. "It's all about sharing the music," John Tosco, the executive director of Tosco Music, said.

#52tuesdays: Digi-Bridge

Written by Addie Rising    on June 19, 2017    in
We live in an age dependent on technology. Computers and digital technology are prevalent in classrooms, but not everyone in Charlotte has access to all the tools and skills necessary as a 21st-century scholar. Enter Digi-Bridge, a Charlotte-based organization that aims to equip shareholders with the means to foster the optimal use of technology in the learning environment, ensuring that all 21st-century learners have opportunities to succeed in the digital age. 

#52tuesdays Digi-BridgeDuring #GivingTuesdayCLT 2016, Digi-Bridge exceeded its goal of $5,000 in individual donations.  

Never Miss a Chance to Dance in Charlotte

Written by Addie Rising    on June 14, 2017
By Jerrika Swartz

You don't have to be a dancer to appreciate the art of dancing. If it's barefoot in your kitchen or on a stage with thousands watching, you're expressing yourself by moving rhythmically to music. It's all dance! Some of us are destined to dance and some can even make a career out of it. However, some of us don't have that chance to dance. That's where one of SHARE Charlotte's nonprofit partners, Charlotte Youth Ballet, comes in! Their mission is to educate, empower and entertain by giving kids in 2nd through 12th grade the chance to dance in professional-level performances.

Charlotte Youth Ballet

#52tuesdays: Communities In Schools

Written by Addie Rising    on June 13, 2017    in
Communities In Schools of Charlotte-Mecklenburg (CIS-Charlotte) provides support services to disadvantaged students in Charlotte’s public schools, helping them to succeed in school, graduate high school and be prepared for life.  To help raise awareness of the need in our public schools and support our mission, CIS-Charlotte has participated in #GivingTuesdayCLT every year since it was initiated by SHARE Charlotte in 2014.  CIS-Charlotte is thrilled to have met its $30,000 fundraising goal during last year's campaign. In addition, the awareness generated by the creative publicity and tremendous social media has been terrific!

Starve No More, Charlotte Artists

Written by Addie Rising    on June 6, 2017
By Jerrika Swartz

We've all heard of starving artists. Maybe you've met one. ArtPop's direct goal isn't to rid Charlotte of starving artists, but that's been a welcome effect. And they're doing it for free.

Emily Andress was one of 20 artists chosen to be an ArtPop artist in 2015. What that meant was her artwork was displayed on a billboard that hundreds of thousands of people saw every day. "It's the best gift anyone could ever give to an artist," Andress said. "I'll never forget seeing my billboard. It was the craziest thing!"

#52tuesdays: JDRF

Written by Addie Rising    on June 6, 2017    in
JDRF is dedicated to finding a cure for type 1 diabetes (T1D). Each year, more than 15,000 children and 15,000 adults —approximately 80 people per day — are diagnosed with T1D in the United States.

Last fall, JDRF Greater Western Carolinas Chapter participated in #GivingTuesdayCLT raising funds to support education, awareness, and research for children and adults living with T1D in the Charlotte area.

Charlotte's Arts Community Strives to Provide Education and Opportunity for All

Written by Addie Rising    on June 5, 2017

Art is a very small word with very big impact. Art also means something different to just about everyone and whether we realize it or not, art is everywhere.

As a newlywed at the turn of the century (which is very weird to type), I made a declaration to my husband about art in our home. I said, "We will only buy art prints for our house, if we've seen the real piece of art in person."

Charlotte's Arts Nonprofits

Written by Addie Rising    on June 5, 2017
Charlotte has many nonprofit organizations providing arts education and opportunity:


Promotes local artists' work and makes art accessible to our community through available media space.

Arts & Science Council
Ensuring access to an excellent, relevant, and sustainable cultural community for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Region.

Festival in the Park

Photo Contest - #ArtForAllCLT

Written by Addie Rising    on June 1, 2017

Art is everywhere even if we don't realize it. Show us your view of art in Charlotte! Whether it's an actual piece of art or your extraordinary perspective on something ordinary, we want to see! But more importantly, we want everyone to see.  So this week, we're partnering with MyCamera Charlotte and kicking off a Instagram Photo Contest. Post your photos ALL WEEK long and use the hashtag #ArtForAllCLT.

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