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#52tuesdays: Bottle Cap Group

February 27, 2018    in
During #GivingTuesdayCLT many local businesses joined in to support Charlotte’s nonprofits.

Bottle Cap Group, which owns nine local restaurants, stepped up in a big way last fall, each donating 10 percent of sales on Tuesday, Nov. 28 to a designated nonprofit. All American Pub (pictured) chose the Steve Smith Family Foundation as its recipient.

“Our management teams at each restaurant selected a nonprofit that was near and dear to them,” said Bottle Cap Group’s Morgan Conroy. “They were able to select a local nonprofit that fits best with their values and share this with their customers and staff.” 

Businesses like Bottle Cap Group make #GivingTuesdayCLT a success in our community.

#52tuesdays: Body & Soul Senior Fitness

February 20, 2018    in
In Charlotte, 29 percent of adults aged 65 and over live alone and nearly 21 percent of Charlotte residents 60 and over receive food stamps. (U.S. Census, 2010)

How can we help this generation? Body & Soul Senior Fitness has implemented a great idea by working to keep Charlotte’s seniors active and social.

Body & Soul Senior Fitness works within local churches to provide a place for senior adults to grow physically stronger, meet new friends and find joy in daily living. 

“As they age, family is very, very busy and friends start to pass away … life changes,” Body & Soul Executive Director Kathy Joy said. “Being able to come to the churches and just engage with others and become physically stronger makes them more confident.” 

#52tuesdays: Spay Neuter Charlotte

Written by Addie Rising    on February 12, 2018    in
In the fall of 2016, Black Wednesday Owner and SHARE Charlotte PR & Media Consultant Corri Smith started to hear this terrible howl outside her house. It was coming from a golden brown pup that was tied up behind her neighbor's house.

"It was incessant and this dog was clearly in distress," Corri said. "I went out there to find that her collar was about three sizes too small and she had no water. I asked my neighbors, who were squatting in the home, what their plan was and if they had food and water for her."

Their response: "It's not our dog."

Apparently, they had a friend who was newly displaced and had nowhere to put her so they tied her up overnight without a thought.

Show Your Good: Where to Begin

Written by Addie Rising    on February 4, 2018
Get involved. Support your community. Make a difference. Give back. 

If you have access to the internet, you’ve heard all that before. At SHARE Charlotte, we believe that as Charlotte residents we should all get involved to support our community, make a difference and give back! But, we hope to make it easy and FUN for you.

Whether you’ve lived in Charlotte for a long time or are one of our area’s new residents, we know that understanding the city’s nonprofit community can be daunting. In fact, that’s why SHARE Charlotte exists. In 2012, founder Kelly Brooks saw a need for an easy way to connect the community to nonprofits. Today, sharecharlotte.org connects to more than 400 nonprofits all serving Mecklenburg County.