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#52Tuesdays: Tosco Music and Olivia Martin

Written by Nicole Copsis    on April 24, 2018    in

The story goes that Amazon, Apple, and Disney all started in a garage and turned into the most influential online retailer, technology company, and media conglomerate in the world, respectively. And if that was not enough proof that great things can come from humble beginnings, take Tosco Music for example. Tosco Music, a local 501c3 nonprofit organization, began as intimate jam sessions in founder John Tosco’s living room and has grown into an organization that not only puts on community concerts where nationally recognized acts and undiscovered artists share the stage, but also provides music scholarships and conducts community outreach programs. 

Myers & Chapman Supports DO GOOD Week

April 19, 2018    in
Volunteers help build our community through the work they do for Charlotte’s nonprofit organizations.

Myers & Chapman, a 65-year-old, Charlotte-based, full-service construction company may literally build our community through its business, but it’s the company’s culture toward volunteering that sets it apart.

As a locally owned business, Myers & Chapman has a vested interest in the health and well-being of our community and has partnered with SHARE Charlotte as an official sponsor of DO GOOD Week.

DO GOOD Week an Extension of TIAA’s Caring Culture

April 18, 2018    in
Shenique CarmichaelBy Shenique Carmichael, VP, Director, Banking Change Management ,TIAA

At times in my life, I experienced hunger, thirst, lack of clothing and being shunned for not having. I went to school many days without shoes on my feet. When I got home from school, I didn’t know if I would have food to eat. I grew up with oil lamps and candles to allow me to do my homework. We didn’t have electricity or running water or a bed to sleep in, but I was able to rise above it all.

#52tuesdays: Time to DO GOOD

April 17, 2018    in
"Volunteers are the only human beings on the face of the earth who reflect this nation’s compassion, unselfish caring, patience, and just plain loving one another." ~Erma Bombeck

VolunteeringSHARE Charlotte partners with more than 400 nonprofits that all serve Mecklenburg County. While they all serve different people and causes in our community, they all have one thing in common: slim operating budgets necessitating a need for volunteers to help.

During #GivingTuesdayCLT 2017, Charlotteans rallied and pledged to serve or served 81,000 hours to 174 nonprofits,  a value of $1.9 million to these organizations.

SHARE Charlotte Encourages Volunteerism with DO GOOD Week, Powered by Duke Energy

April 16, 2018    in
(CHARLOTTE, N.C.) – SHARE Charlotte’s second annual DO GOOD Week, powered by Duke Energy, is underway in the Queen City. DO GOOD Week is a celebration of volunteerism during National Volunteer Week (April 15-21) and a call to action for community engagement with local nonprofit organizations through volunteer work.

DO GOOD Week: Intern Opportunities

April 15, 2018    in
Ever wonder what it would be like to work for a Charlotte-area nonprofit? There is no better way to gain valuable hands-on experience and gain and understanding into the mission of an organization than by serving as an intern.

Opportunities to build a resume through interning are available all year long with many organizations, not just in the summer months, making these internships a great fit for Charlotte-area college and high-school students or recent graduates.

Featured Intern Opportunities:

Families Forward Charlotte
Social Media / Marketing Intern

DO GOOD Week: Administrative Opportunities

April 15, 2018    in
If you are an organized individual who is ready to jump right into any task at hand, taking on an administrative/clerical volunteer position may be for you!

There is not a nonprofit office in the world that couldn’t use another set of hands on any given day - there is ALWAYS something to be done in the world of philanthropy.

If you can spare the time to conduct research, collect data, or even just answer the phone for a few hours a day, there will always be a nonprofit that could use your help.

Featured Administrative/Clerical Opportunities

Metrolina Association for the Blind
Office Support

DO GOOD Week: Event-Planning Opportunities

April 15, 2018    in
Who said volunteering was all work, no play? Galas, 5Ks, and auctions are all key events for some of our local area nonprofits, and if you are good at throwing a party, then you just may be the detail-oriented and creative minded volunteer that an organization needs!

If you are the type of person who loves to help an event come to life by assisting in the planning process, or wants to be sure an event runs smoothly by being present on the day-of an event, there are volunteer opportunities for you in the Charlotte area.

Featured Event Planning Opportunities

Thomas Davis Defending Dreams Foundation
Event Planner

DO GOOD Week: Hands-On Opportunities

April 15, 2018    in
If you love being outdoors, getting your hands dirty, or serving others, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities for you! Grab your tools and get out in your community, there is never a lack of need for hands-on people like you.

Volunteering looks different to everyone and every organization, but if you like to get physical with your volunteering efforts, bring your talents out to do GOOD for the nonprofits in your area that need a little muscle power. There are plenty of opportunities working in gardens, helping with repairs, serving meals and more.

DO GOOD Week: Mentoring Opportunities

April 15, 2018    in
If you are someone who truly believes you can make an impact on someone’s life simply by lending a little guidance, you may want to consider becoming a mentor.

There will always be a need for mentors in the community, whether it is for a child who needs tutoring, or an adult who needs support. If you desire to help others directly, mentoring someone in need is a valuable use of your time.

Featured Mentorship Opportunities

ANSWER Scholarship
Life Changer- Mentor Opportunity

DO GOOD Week: Board Positions

April 15, 2018    in
If you possess leadership abilities and are able to commit to a longer-term position, becoming a Board Member for a local nonprofit might be a great way for you to get involved in your community.

Not only would you be building your resume by sitting on the board of a nonprofit, but your existing resume and relevant life experience may be just what an organization needs to drive them forward.

Featured Board Positions

Board Member Opportunity

SocialServe.com links hundreds of thousands of people annually to safe, stable housing and is currently seeking Board Members to provide leadership, governance and oversight for their organization.

4 Reasons Why Doing Good is Good for Your Company

April 15, 2018    in
Melissa AndersonBy Melissa Anderson, Executive Vice President, Administration, and Chief Human Resources Officer, Duke Energy

April 15-21 is National Volunteer Week, a time to recommit ourselves to community service and celebrate the change-makers who positively impact the world around them through volunteerism. Here in our headquarters city of Charlotte, Duke Energy is celebrating the week by teaming up with SHARE Charlotte to support DO GOOD Week. Through DO GOOD Week, we hope to educate and engage our neighbors in the many ways we can do good through volunteerism.

#52tuesdays: Charlotte Knights Charities

Written by Nicole Copsis    on April 10, 2018    in
BB&T Ballpark will be opening its gates back up for the first game of the 2018 season on Thursday, April 12. But that doesn’t mean the Charlotte Knights organization has been idle in the offseason. In fact, they have been up to a whole lot of GOOD.

Often outshined by the excitement of the sport, the Charlotte Knights are much more than a baseball team. They are an organization of hard-workers who give back to their community in so many more ways than you may think. The Charlotte Knights even have a charitable arm solely dedicated to enriching their namesake city.

5 Easy Ways to Help Charlotte's Environment

Written by Lauren Blake    on April 9, 2018
This month, we’re focusing on the work that 29 organizations in our community are doing to better the environment. Want to positively contribute to the environmental health of Charlotte and the planet? Below are five simple actions you can take today to do your part. A #GreenCLT is a better Charlotte.
  1. Use public transportation. Save gas (and the environment) by riding a bike or taking the newly extended Lynx light rail to work. Don’t have your own bike? Use one of the multiple bike shares in town including LimeBike, Spin, MoBike or the original, Charlotte B Cycle.

How to Solve 15 Billion Problems, One Tree At a Time

Written by Grant Stimmel    on April 5, 2018

“Mommy, what were forests like?”


That’s how many trees were cut down in the time it took you to read that sentence. And here’s another number:

15 billion.

The number of trees we lose every single year.

TreesCharlotteScared yet? You should be. The world has lost more than half of its trees since the beginning of human civilization.

And like just about every other environmental effect we’ve had on this world, the problem isn’t getting better, it’s getting worse.

Are forests going to disappear in your lifetime? Probably not.

But in your grandkids’? It’s a real possibility.