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#52Tuesdays: Dale Beatty and Purple Heart Homes

Written by Addie Rising    on May 29, 2018    in

“The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example.” Benjamin Disraeli

Memorial Day Is a great day to spend with loved ones, away from the office or classroom. But while many are basking in the sunshine and enjoying this precursor to summer, the day is meant to honor all military service members who died while serving our country. It’s a somber reminder of the difficulties faced by our nation’s military members during their days of service and as they return home.

Purple Heart Homes Co-Founder Dale Beatty, who died earlier this year from blood clots in his lungs at the age of 39, is a hero in every sense of the word, spending his post-service days working to better the lives of fellow disabled veterans.

#MindYourMentalHealth: Mental Health First Aid

Written by Holly Blackman    on May 23, 2018    in

#MindYourMentalHealth: Mental Health First Aid 

Written by Holly Blackman 

We find it acceptable, to a certain extent, for older people to talk about their every ailment - bowel movement frequency, medication regimen, colitis episodes, etc. We all discuss headaches, soreness, allergies, while freely disclosing complete medical history in doctor’s office waiting rooms, well, almost complete medical histories. 

We’re taught mind-body-soul early, and we learn to exercise and some of us, how to pray, but the health of our mind is not considered, and definitely not openly discussed except under the socially acceptable “self-care”. Do we even know a complete mental health history of those in our families? Probably not - It’s been taboo.

#52Tuesdays: Engineering a Dream- Reagan's Story

Written by Grace Kennedy    on May 22, 2018    in

Engineering a Dream: Reagan’s Story 

By Grace Kennedy


When Reagan Watson was making rockets out of bendy straws at her kindergarten classmate’s house, she had no idea her love for science and engineering would lead to being a contestant on a national network television show. 

As it turns out, her classmates’s mom who was hosting the rocket-making activity is Sandy Marshall, founder of Project Scientist.
And Project Scientist has been a key ingredient in Reagan’s incredible journey.

#MindYourMentalHealth: Treating Mental Illness is a Whole New Ballgame

Written by Grant Stimmel    on May 16, 2018    in

Treating mental illness is a whole new ballgame

It’s a warm spring evening in Charlotte, and a perfect night for baseball.

10,197 fans make their way into BB&T Ballpark to watch the Knights play the Norfolk Tides. But there’s more going on in the stadium than baseball and dizzy bat races.

In the stands that night sit 713 adults battling major depression — a full 7% of the crowd.

They’re not sitting in special sections. Or wearing brightly colored shirts.

They look, and act, and seem like everyone else in the crowd that night. But for many, there’s an untold sadness behind their eyes. A pain, that for whatever reason, they’ve been unable to shake. 

Mental illness is invisible. That’s what makes it so challenging. You can see a broken leg, you know what needs to be done to fix it. But someone’s mental health? 

#52Tuesdays: Freedom School Partners

Written by Addie Rising    on May 15, 2018    in

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.
—Dr. Seuss

Summer vacation is right around the corner. If you ask any student in Charlotte, they will tell you exactly how many days are left before the season of camps, sleeping in and swimming pools begins. 

But something else happens during the summer months … the summer slide -- the loss of academic skills and knowledge over the course of summer school breaks. The loss in learning happens to all students, but varies across grade level, subject matter, and family income. Low-income students generally lose about two months of reading achievement.

Charlotte’s Freedom School Partners is making a difference. 

DO GOOD Week is Over, the Impact is Not

Written by Nicole Copsis    on May 10, 2018    in

National Volunteer Week, known locally as DO GOOD Week is a time to focus on the ways in which we can give GOOD to our community through the gift of donated time. Check out the infographic to see how Charlotte volunteers activated during this year’s DO GOOD Week (April 15-21). It doesn’t matter how you give your time or when, just that you do.

DO GOOD Week concluded on Saturday,  April 21st with SHARE Charlotte’s signature VolunBEERing event at NoDa Brewing Co. Watch the video below for a recap of all the GOOD that happened at VolunBEERing:

Triumph over Mental Illness: A Success Story

May 9, 2018    in

Triumph over Mental Illness:
A Success Story

contributed by Cardinal Innovations Healthcare

A life filled with hope and integrity—it’s the goal of many. For Katherine Todd, these words have new meaning because of the partnership, encouragement and resources she has with her Cardinal Innovations Care Coordinator and Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACTT). 

Challenged by mental illness from a very young age, Katherine has faced the difficulties of managing chronic conditions and navigating complicated systems for health and human services. Years of fragmented care processes had left her with little hope. 

“I knew there were resources, but the system can be overwhelming,” Katherine said. “I didn’t know where to start, where to go or who to call.” 

#52Tuesdays: Turning One Good Deed into Twenty

Written by Nicole Copsis    on May 8, 2018    in

Gina McGourty took an already GOOD deed and turned it into a GREAT one. 

As a part of DO GOOD Week, our sponsor Duke Energy generously gave away a night in their Luxury Suite at BB&T Ballpark to one lucky winner. To be entered to win the contest, you had to sign up for a volunteer opportunity on that given day of DO GOOD Week and at the end of the evening a winner was chosen at random from the list of volunteers who gave their time to GOOD.

The contest winner, Gina McGourty, signed up for two volunteer opportunities that day, already exceeding the requirements of the contest, volunteering to give her time to both ACEing Austism and Classroom Central. When we contacted Gina to let her know the good news, we were shocked by her response. 

Spotlight Series: #MindYourMentalHealth

Written by Nicole Copsis    on May 2, 2018    in

In May, SHARE Charlotte’s Spotlight Series: #MindYourMentalHealth, sponsored by Cardinal Innovations Healthcare, will focus on local nonprofit organizations who provide mental health services. These organizations each offer a different approach to healing individuals with mental health issues in our community be it through counseling groups, services dogs, or educational programs that allow people to better understand their own way of thinking. 

#52Tuesdays: Everette Oxrider and Foundation for Girls

Written by Nicole Copsis    on May 1, 2018

“Nurturing the leader in every girl” is the powerful promise of Foundation for Girls (FFG), a local, youth-led social venture that aims to change the life trajectory for at-risk and vulnerable youth.

Dedicated volunteer Everette Oxrider leads by example.

What started as a Service Learning Project quickly turned into a one of a kind experience for Everette who is now a Youth Ambassador and Visual Meditation and Yoga instructor for FFG. Everette is a perfect example of how volunteering can not only enrich the lives of those touched by an organization, but also the volunteers themselves.