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SHARE Charlotte Introduces Wish List Wednesday in Partnership with Bank of America

Written by Nicole Copsis    on January 27, 2020    in


Put your Amazon habit to GOOD use every Wednesday in 2020 by shopping each week on Wish List Wednesday, proudly presented by Bank of America.

Bank of America has teamed up again with SHARE Charlotte, this time to bring more frequent and consistent opportunities to the Charlotte community to give back every Wednesday by shopping for the items local nonprofits need most from their Amazon wish lists which can be found in SHARE Charlotte’s proprietary Give Shop®.

#SpotlightOnCLT: Common Wealth Charlotte

Written by Grace Kennedy    on January 24, 2020    in

If you have ever thought twice about getting medical care because you knew it would hurt your wallet, then you have been in Linwood's shoes. He needed dental work, but he didn't have the means to pay for it, even though he was fully employed. With his employer, Linwood even had insurance, but it wouldn't cover the dental work he needed. 

The team at Common Wealth Charlotte was there for Linwood, but not with one-way charity. That's not what CWC does. The Charlotte nonprofit promotes financial capability-building over direct financial assistance—and it's fundamentally changing the way economically-vulnerable families in Charlotte are being served.

#SpotlightOnCLT: WYTV7, Christian Broadcasters Network, Inc.

January 22, 2020    in

Contributed by Amy Andrews 

Did you know that 44% of Americans don’t have enough cash to cover a $400 emergency or that 33% have zero saved for retirement? These alarming statistics from Forbes Magazine point to a huge lack in financial planning education. 

Enter WYTV7’s Financially Lit program which aims to educate and empower middle and high school students in our community about how to manage and budget their finances as they prepare for college and living independent adult lives.

#SpotlightOnCLT: Community Link

Written by Eden Estabrook    on January 16, 2020    in

Did you know that 46% of the workforce in Charlotte cannot afford safe and decent housing? This means that 46% of workers are forced to spend more than a third of their hard-earned income on housing costs alone. 

To make things more complicated for future homeowners, rental rates are increasing annually at a much higher percentage than wages. Even successful renters are continuing to find it more difficult to save enough for a down payment on a home of their own with high rent payments and basic living necessities. 

Helping to solve these problems is the motivation behind Community Link and their efforts to promote financial literacy education and homeownership in Charlotte and 16 counties in North Carolina. In addition to programs such as their Homeless to Housing, they are proud to offer low-to-moderate income households access to their Asset Building program. 

Albemarle Foundation Announces Partnership with SHARE Charlotte to Provide Mecklenburg County Nonprofits Access to New SHINE™ Initiative

January 8, 2020    in


Albemarle Foundation Announces Partnership with SHARE Charlotte to Provide Mecklenburg County Nonprofits Access to New SHINE™ Initiative

Written By Michelle Boudin

When the Albemarle Corporation, a specialty chemical company, relocated its worldwide headquarters to Charlotte in 2016, the company’s leadership knew they wanted to get involved in the community in a powerful way.  They tasked Sandra Holub, the Executive Director of the Albemarle Foundation, with finding the best way to make the most impact. “When we came here we wanted to make sure that the city knew we were really excited to be here and we wanted to play a positive role.”

#SpotlightOnCLT: Financial Literacy

Written by Nicole Copsis    on January 7, 2020    in

This year’s Spotlight Series is presented by the Amy and Brian France Foundation and in January we are focusing in on our local nonprofit partners who provide programming to improve financial literacy and who are helping to build a stronger economy one neighbor at a time. 

Personal finances influence many of our daily decisions and nearly every aspect of our lives, making financial literacy essential for understanding how to make responsible decisions that shape a positive future.