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#SpotlightOnCLT: Foster Village Charlotte

March 27, 2020    in

Contributed by Becky Santoro

In the fall, Foster Village Charlotte opened up a one-of-a kind home-like resource center in the Oakhurst Neighborhood thanks to the generosity of individual donors and the seed money they won being a part of SEED20 through Social Ventures Partners. But why a resource center? What's so important about a physical location? 

Well, imagine you are a child that has been taken out of the only home and family you’ve ever known. Even though you are already experiencing toxic stress, being placed somewhere new adds additional levels of trauma. You find yourself without a familiar face, in an unknown setting, without a single belonging.

#SpotlightOnCLT: Elon Homes of North Carolina

March 19, 2020    in

Elon Homes of North Carolina is a local nonprofit that has been serving North Carolina’s at-risk children for 105 years and has a rich and proud heritage in the field of child development and services. They care for young people from a variety of backgrounds and with a wide range of needs, strengths, opportunities and dreams and their foster care program specializes in keeping sibling groups together in the same home. Read Susan's story below to see the positive impact Elon Homes has on the lives of the youth they serve. 

Before Becoming a Resident at the Foster Care Village:

SHARE From Home to Help Local Nonprofits Now! #SHAREfromHome

Written by Nicole Copsis    on March 17, 2020    in

SHARE Charlotte has been overwhelmed by the selflessness and generosity of our neighbors, community and corporate partners as we continue to manage a flood of inquiries about how people can do GOOD to support our nonprofit partners during this time of uncertainty. 

We are fortunate to live in a world where technology enables us to come together despite being physically apart, and the need to come together in Charlotte to support our nonprofit community has potentially never been greater. If you have something to give, please consider doing so - the organizations serving Charlotte’s most vulnerable need your help. 

What’s SHARE Charlotte’s role in this crisis? It’s to do what we do best - connect those who want to help Mecklenburg County's nonprofit community to all the ways they can.  

#SpotlightOnCLT: Thompson Child and Family Focus

March 12, 2020    in

By Jennifer L. Colter, Communications Director of Thompson Child and Family Focus

Rarely does Thompson’s foster care team have a day that is uneventful. When your job entails children and their well-being-especially their long-term outcomes, day-to-day experiences are going to be challenging and have an effect at the end of the day. 

Jen Stout, Director of Family Support Services (Foster Care) at Thompson, shared a recent experience that stopped me in my tracks. Her account of a biological mom who signed her rights away to her children immediately touched my heart when I read it. Jen expressed in her post that the mother reflected on the choices she made that resulted in her inability to care for her children. And the day had come when her kids would become part of a brand new family.

#SpotlightOnCLT: Carolina Family Connections

Written by Nicole Copsis    on March 5, 2020    in

When Branson first arrived at Carolina Family Connections (CFC), he was a shy and scrawny 14 year old, just a month away from turning 15. But birthdays had never been a special day for Branson.

Never had a cake.  Never had a party. And never had a birthday present. When the staff at CFC learned that he had never celebrated a birthday, they wanted to make sure it was extra special. While the foster parents planned his birthday party, the staff at CFC stepped in to take it the extra mile. Knowing he enjoyed watching BMX bike events, they surprised  him with a new BMX bike of his own on his birthday.

But because Branson had suffered from neglect and abuse for most of his young life, he had a hard time accepting the attention, much less a gift, feeling that he was unworthy of all that he was being given.

#SpotlightOnCLT: Foster Care

Written by Nicole Copsis    on March 2, 2020    in

Often times victims of abuse or neglect, children in foster care can have a damaged sense of self worth and require special support and nurturing throughout their foster care journey. This month, we are shining our #SpotlightOnCLT on our local nonprofit partners that support both the vulnerable children in the foster care system as well as the individuals and families who take them into their care. 

What exactly is foster care?

Foster care is a temporary placement provided by the State to provide children who, for various reasons, cannot live at-home with their parents. Children in foster care can be placed to live in residential settings, including relative and nonrelative homes, as well as group homes, and institutions. 

How does it work?