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#SpotlightOnCLT: Right Moves for Youth

August 6, 2020    in

Written by Amy Andrews

Right Moves For Youth (RMFY) provides students in the greater Charlotte area the support and guidance they need to succeed by leveraging positive and long-lasting relationships. Using a school-based model, RMFY provides youth services and group mentoring to empower students to graduate from high school and set the stage for what comes next. 

#SpotlightOnCLT: Do Greater Charlotte

August 5, 2020    in

Nonprofit Leader Helps Grow Tech Talent in Underserved Youth 

By Jonathan McFadden

Two things changed William McNeely’s life when he was just a teenager: court-ordered busing and a mother who took success seriously. 

As school integration got underway in the 1970s, William and his three siblings, raised in Charlotte’s Clanton Park neighborhood, stepped into a more affluent world as students at South Mecklenburg High. While jarring, their trek from Charlotte’s poorer westside to its wealthier southern sector exposed them to resources they didn’t get at home.

At the same time, their mother pushed them to play sports, study music and join the ROTC — whatever it took to leverage their new opportunities into good careers. That way, they’d do well in life and return to uplift their community.

#SpotlightOnCLT: Black Philanthropy Month

Written by Nicole Copsis    on August 1, 2020    in

In late 2019 our SHARE Charlotte team began planning our themed Spotlight content for the upcoming year, and we knew we wanted to feature Black Philanthropy Month in August. However, as we looked around the room at our six white faces we realized that while we had the platform and the channels to host a big conversation, it was obvious that a celebration of Black Philanthropy Month was not ours to lead. We knew it would be inauthentic without the perspective, leadership and voices of Black community leaders and philanthropists.