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SHARE Charlotte Promotes Melissa Hovey to Managing Director

Written by Sarah Haylett    on October 18, 2021



CHARLOTTE, N.C. (10/18/21) – SHARE Charlotte, a one-stop-shop for connecting with 500+ Mecklenburg County nonprofits, today promoted former Marketing Director, Melissa Hovey, to Managing Director of the nearly 10-year-old organization. 

“The pandemic gave us the opportunity to revisit every aspect of SHARE Charlotte from our mission and staffing to who and how we serve our constituents,” said SHARE Charlotte Board Chair, Colleen Brannan. “From these strategic planning exercises, an obvious leader emerged in Melissa and the Board could not be more pleased to promote her as the organization continues to evolve.”

#SpotlightOnCLT: Charlotte Bilingual Preschool

Written by Sarah Haylett    on October 6, 2021

Reflections on Heritage
Written by Banu Valladares

When I first walked into Charlotte Bilingual Preschool (CltBP) in 2017, I felt what everyone feels: a sense of belonging to a place where I could be fully me.

That was not my original experience of my new home, though. I moved to the United States in 1982 with many privileges: money, language, and familiarity from many years of travel. As the novelty of moving to the dream country wore off, isolation set in. I missed all the “familiars” that had so far defined me: my family, my language, my traditions, my culture. I no longer “belonged.” 

It took me years to understand and be able to name what is so drastically different in the United States: a focus on the individual first vs. a focus on the community. I came to learn that this difference stems from the history, geography, and climate realities that set the United States apart.