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How You Can Help Our North Carolina Neighbors

Written by Addie Rising    on October 8, 2016
It wasn't that long ago we were helping our Gulf Coast neighbors in Louisiana and Alabama. Now our own North (and South) Carolina neighbors need any assistance we can offer. Hurricane Matthew made its way up the southern East Coast this weekend and while the storm brought the Charlotte area a lot of wind and rain, our neighbors closer to the coast are dealing with flooding, loss of power and even loss of life. Here are some organizations that are aiding the Hurricane Matthew relief effort:

The Salvation Army of Greater Charlotte
“Our Salvation Army emergency disaster team is prepared to serve the community,” said Major Larry Broome, Area Commander for The Salvation Army of Greater Charlotte.  “Our canteen will be positioned in Georgetown, S.C., and ready to serve meals and provide spiritual support in some of the hardest hit areas.” Support the relief efforts by visiting

Hurricane Matthew causes flooding in Fayetteville, N.C.American Red Cross
More than 1,800 Red Cross disaster workers are on the ground or traveling to the southeast to support evacuation shelters and response efforts. In addition to providing a safe place to ride out the dangerous storm, the Red Cross is preparing to deliver relief supplies and help people recover from Matthew as soon as it is safe to do so. Donate here to help fund the American Red Cross relief efforts.

Charlotte Community ToolBank
Charlotte Community ToolBank provides fellow not-for-profit organizations with year-round access to an inventory of tools. They also step in and assist charitable organizations providing response and recovery services following disasters like Hurricane Matthew. Tools are provided free of charge so organizations can use their financial resources in other ways during recovery efforts. They will even accomodate the needs of organizations who are unable to pick up tools from ToolBank locations. Learn more about Charlotte Community ToolBank and how you can support them.

Community Blood Center of the Carolinas
CBCC is asking for your help in restoring the blood supply here in the Carolinas and throughout the region impacted by Hurricane Matthew. Both platelets and Type O whole blood, especially O-negative, donors are urgently needed. Learn more about where to give life-saving gifts.

Humane Society of Charlotte
The Humane Society of the United States and Greenville County Animal Care spent time relocating South Carolina shelter animals before Hurricane Matthew struck the Southeast coast. Moving animals to other shelters is a costly process. Help the HSUS national efforts or you may choose to donate locally in Charlotte as HSC is sure to see an increase in animals following Hurricane Matthew.

Photo courtesy Andrew Craft/The Fayetteville Observer via AP