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It’s Time for a Little #GirlPowerCLT

Written by Addie Rising    on March 3, 2017    in
Who run the world? Girls!

We agree with Beyonce. Girls do rule … in numbers. But unfortunately, it's not always the case when it comes to opportunities, education and security. 

At the last census in 2015*, there were 537,232 women living in Mecklenburg County compared to 496,838 men which means women are the majority at 52 percent.

Even though its 2017, there are challenges many women still face. Thankfully, Charlotte has many organizations that work hard to support girls and women in our community and SHARE Charlotte is partnered with many of them.

March is Women’s History Month and while important to pause and reflect on our past, it’s equally as important to highlight those working to improve the future of all women and to talk to women in our community and learn what really matters to them.

Throughout the month of March we will be exploring organizations that work to keep Charlotte’s girls and women strong, educated, safe and healthy. We’re calling this month’s SHARE Spotlight Series: #GirlPowerCLT. We’ll talk about several of these organizations and highlight easy ways to jump in and get involved to make a difference in the lives of Charlotte’s women.

Of SHARE Charlotte’s 412 nonprofit partners, over 50 support women and girls as part of their mission while many others offer specific programs for women and girls. Our #31womenCLT series began this week on Instagram and looks at one woman in our city each day and asks, “What issue in our community matters the most to you?” Follow each day to learn what women are talking about. 

Last month’s Spotlight Series was on Homelessness in Charlotte. For a recap click here:

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Throughout the month of March, SHARE Charlotte will focus on #GirlPowerCLT by spotlighting the work of some of our nonprofit partners and their volunteers who work to support women and girls in our community. Sign up now for our weekly email. We won't spam you. That's not cool.