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#SpotlightOnCLT: Komen Charlotte

October 16, 2019    in

Far too often,  there is more than one battle that comes with a cancer diagnosis. It is not just the cancer that a patient is up against, it’s everything that comes along with it. Yes, there is the obvious physical and emotional toll, but it’s also the financial curveball that cancer throws patients and their families as well.

Take breast cancer survivor Tammy Greene, for example. Tammy grew concerned about her health after discovering a lump on her breast. She knew she needed to get the lump checked out, but in addition to her fear of a diagnosis was a fear of how to pay for a mammogram, let alone a battle with cancer.

After a friend referred Tammy to the Komen Charlotte grantee’s mammogram unit, Tammy’s fears were confirmed and she was diagnosed with triple negative Stage 4 breast cancer. Tammy feared how she would not only endure the physical and emotional effects of cancer, but also how she would survive the financial burden as well. 

Luckily, Komen Charlotte was there for Tammy. Komen helped Tammy to pay for the biopsy of a nodule that was on her lung and her following treatments including six months of intense chemotherapy, a double mastectomy, and 33 rounds of radiation. (To hear more about Tammy’s story, check out this WBTV segment highlighting her personal journey.)

The truth is, Tammy is one of many who will worry not only about the disease itself, but also the cost of the fight. But, thankfully, she is also one of many who Komen Charlotte will help stand up to the disease through both financial and emotional support.

15,000 of you helped raise over $946,000 during the 2019 Komen Charlotte Race for the Cure on October 5th.

It was a staggering show of support for the nearly 800 survivors on hand.

Their mission is simple, yet shockingly complex — to end breast cancer, once and for all.

In the near term, they hope to reduce the number of breast cancer deaths in the U.S. by 50% by 2026.

To do this, Komen Charlotte unleashes a 4-headed approach that attacks cancer from all sides.

This comprehensive strategy sets them apart from every other organization tackling breast cancer.

From funding breakthrough research, to ongoing survivor care, Komen Charlotte provides critical support for those going through the toughest battle of their lives.

Despite its national recognition, Susan G. Komen Charlotte is a local organization, fully committed to helping those in and around Charlotte continue their fight.

75% of every donation goes to their 13-county service area, while the remaining 25% is used for national breast cancer research initiatives.

This means your generosity directly helps your neighbors, your friends, and perhaps one day even you defeat this terrible disease.

While millions keep fighting, those at Komen Charlotte press on, determined to spend each day uncovering a cure.

Want to get involved with Komen Charlotte?

Please consider volunteering, donating, or attending an upcoming event.