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SummerSHARE Lemonade for Good

Written by Addie Rising    on July 11, 2016    in

In just 7 easy steps, you and your family can DO GOOD this summer!

Step 1: Pick a day
Choose one day during SummerSHARE (July 11-22) to host a lemonade stand in your neighborhood. Grab your neighbors and make it fun!

Step 2: Talk it out
Have a family discussion about why it is important to give back, and get excited about making a difference! Remember, the goal is to earn money (through selling lemonade OR accepting donations) to purchase items for SummerSHARE.

Step 3: Choose your recipient
Go to and choose a particpating nonprofit (or several nonprofits) to help (list also available here ). You can choose by: Selecting one that serves a cause your child connects with (animals, the environment, other children, etc), or Previewing Give Shop Wish Lists to see which have cool items your children would like to purchase for them!

Lemonade for Good SummerSHAREStep 4: Make a cool sign
See our sample lemonade stand sign for inspiration and download SummerSHARE logos and graphics to print and paste on your poster. Make it sparkle!  Make it awesome! But please include our hashtags somewhere on your sign!


Step 5: Spread the word
Printable cards are available here to let your lemonade stand customers know more about SummerSHARE!

Step 6: Show your friends
Have a blast collecting change to help change the world! Make sure to take pictures to social media with the hashtags #SummerShareCLT and #GiveNeedAVacay. Challenge your Charlotte friends and family members to do their OWN lemonade stand! Who wants bragging rights?

Step 7: Purchase items
With the lemonade proceeds, visit to purchase items to be shipped directly to the nonprofit of your choosing. Celebrate your part in helping #giveneedavacay!

Tips and Tricks

  • Sit down with your child and make sure your family understands what you’re supporting. Perhaps brainstorm a slogan to use while advertising; "Give change to help change the world."
  • Print out the entire wish list(s) for the nonprofit(s) you've chosen to support before setting up the lemonade stand. Having an idea of what you’re working toward could provide extra encouragement and motivation!
  • Determine a correlation between lemonade sales (or donations) and potential wish list items that all family members can understand; "If you sell X cups of lemonade for Y amount of money, you can buy Z items for your nonprofit."