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Shreya & Sahana Mantha - Co-Founders
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VIRTUAL: Do you have an OLD CAR?

One of the biggest barriers to economic mobility for the women we serve is transportation to get to work. Often, those without transportation are limited to finding occupation within walking distance or on the bus line, leaving limited options and incredible challenges. If you or someone you know has an old or used vehicle in working condition and would like to support a woman in need, please contact FFG. This type of investment would change a life.

Below, Janet Ganoung shares why she and her husband donated their car to an FFG participant.

The Joy of Facilitating Independence:
Connecting the dots …. to a car

“My husband and I interviewed a Foundation For Girls client, in hopes of being able to place her in a job that fulfilled her passion. She really impressed us with her attitude and enthusiasm as well as her skill and calmness at being a new mom (she brought the baby to the interview, and the baby was an angel). This young lady had a plan for being available for the hours she would be needed at the job and she had a plan to share transportation with a family member. It seemed that all was set to pave the way for this very capable, responsible woman to begin her career path toward financial self-sufficiency for her and her daughter. But then … her mode of transportation fell through and she had no way to get to the job. The only obstacle between her and a brighter future was the lack of a car.

We were driving two used cars at the time, one much older than the other, which we eventually planned to trade for a newer car. It dawned on us that we faced a decision: keep the car for an approximate $2,000 credit toward a newer used car … or gift it as a life-changing tool for this young woman trying to create an empowered life for herself and her daughter. Putting those two options on a balance scale would …and did … hit hard on the side of donating. Trading a car is a business transaction. Donating a car to jump-start independence reaps a kind of joy that one gets in few other ways. We actually sold her the car for $1 and would eagerly do it again if given the opportunity.” - Janet Ganoung

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