Teaching Fellows Institute

TFI 2024 Symposium Days 2 and 3: Student Engagement Strategies for Deep Thinking with Prof. Bryan Harris

Teaching Fellows Institute – July 30-31, 2024

This interactive, relevant, and fast-paced workshop will focus on practical methods and techniques that are
effective at helping students process, reflect, and think deeply about their learning. We know that the
development of deep-thinking skills takes time, practice, and intentional focus. This workshop will provide
specific strategies and techniques that engage students in the process of deep thinking that results in better
retention of knowledge, more motivation to engage, and greater transfer of learning.

Day 1:
 Module 1: Welcome, Overview, What is Deep Thinking & Why it Matters, The Deep Thinking Model
 Module 2: RelaƟonships as the Foundation for Deep Thinking
 Break
 Module 3: Necessary Element 1 – Time, Planning, and Teacher Clarity
 Lunch
 Module 4: Necessary Element 2 – Relevance
 Break
 End of day planning, next steps, and Q/A
Day 2:
 Module 1: Agenda, Review, Questions from Day 1
 Module 2: Necessary Element 3: Strategies (questioning & feedback)
 Module 3: Necessary Element 3: Strategies (academic talk)
 Break
 Module 4: Necessary Element 3: Strategies (writing)
 Lunch
 Module 5: Necessary Element 4: Motivation & Student Management
 Break
 End of day planning, next steps, and Q/A


United States

Tuesday, July 30th, 2024, 8am - 4pm
Repeats daily at 8:00am for 2 times
Duration of 8 hours