Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Rachel Eaddy, Co-founder & Executive Director
Primary Contact Name
Rachel Eaddy
Main Address

PO Box 668451
Charlotte, NC 28266
United States

What We Do

GOD SAYS YES is Chetta’s Girls umbrella program; the cornerstone being emergency assistance to strengthen families and keep them together. Within the frame of God Says Yes is also our Teach Me I Can Learn youth enrichment and childcare assistance services, as well as postpartum assistance. WHO WE SERVE Families are able to request emergency assistance when they have an immediate need and have been told 'NO' or turned down by other programs or agencies. Assistance is provided as resources are available. We serve children, pregnant women, homeless, as well as families in transition during a crisis situation. While many of the individuals and families served are low-income and deal with a lack of access to basic resources; not all families are part of the underserved and low-income community. Emergencies happen across economic status and create a gap between immediate need and permanent solution. We recognize that being a stop-gap, providing temporary assistance helps to prevent families from experiencing a more severe crisis. WHAT WE DO We work to strengthen families by preventing job loss, homelessness, missed job opportunities, unattended/neglected small children, and the separation of families due to crisis. We serve the same families that other local social service organizations serve; however, we stand in the gap when service is unavailable. Many times, service is only temporarily unavailable. Individuals are required to have satisfactory identification documents in order to be helped by many local programs. Sometimes they may also have to wait until the program’s resources are renewed. HOW WE DO IT In the interim, as a person in need waits for a duplicate ID card or birth certificate in the mail, as they wait for other resources to become available, as they wait on an EBT card- they still need to eat, pay rent, go to work or job interviews. They still need childcare. This is where we come in. We move quickly and urgently to secure immediate child care options at no cost to the child’s/children’s guardian. Within 24 hours if needed we provide clothing, transportation assistance, groceries, baby needs (formula, diapers, wipes), and women’s needs (sanitary pads, tampons). We also provide hotels or other safe options for shelter. We partner with agencies and utilize other resources in the community to help the families we serve.

Interesting Info
  • We strive to be a reflection of God's YES when people have been turned down or told 'NO'.
  • We host many FREE community events and youth programs throughout the year.
  • We serve an estimated 350 families per year.
Geographic Location
2023 Harvest Fest