Child Proof Advice

Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Marjorie Wrenn
Main Address

8425 Streamview Dr
Suite C
Huntersville, NC 28078
United States

What We Do
Child Proof Advice is dedicated to educating parents and all child caregivers about common hazards in the home that are often overlooked in today’s busy world. For expecting and new parents, adopting and foster care parents, first time grandparents, all child care providers, Child Proof Advice helps you learn the why, when and how of child proofing. They run, they play and quick as a wink, they are in your cleaning supplies or medicine cabinet. When children first begin to crawl their curiosity about the world around them triples as they explore any and everything. Preschoolers develop motor skills, but they have poor impulse control and judgment. They don’t have the strength, coordination nor maturity to avoid injury and their curiosity is a powerful force. Thus, they enter one of the most dangerous times of their lives when they are at the highest risk for injury. Begin your child safety measures by dropping down on your knees to begin your journey into a child’s world…the world that puts them at risk every day. The uniqueness of Child Proof Advice is the Do-It-Yourself approach to child proofing. Our program allows parents of all economic circumstances to do as much as they choose in providing safety for their children. Your question is not will your child find hazards in the home, but when… Visit our website for child proof education and download our Safety Guide E-Book. Review the 160+ safety recommendations in the Room by Room Checklist and 60+ parent resources. The checklist makes child proofing easy, comprehensive and organized. Purchase child proofing products provided to us by Safety 1st, the State-of-the-Art leading manufacturer of child proofing products used by all leading distributors. For the children you are protecting, we thank you.
Interesting Info
  • Belk Charity Day Sale Participant - Five years / Autobell Fundraiser - Five years
  • Safe Kids Worldwide / Char Meck Safe Kids / NC Center for Non Profits Member / Partners with the Safety & Health Council of NC
  • Partner with Nurse-Family Partnership to Donate Training and Child Proof Equipment to 1st Time Mothers with limited resources