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Volunteer Opportunity:
Finance Committee

This opportunity has passed.

The RACC is looking for volunteers to join the Finance Committee. Ideal volunteer should live and/or work in Charlotte, NC or surrounding local areas

Finance Committee Purpose & Responsibilities

The Finance Committee will assist Raise A Child of the Carolinas Board of Directors in its oversight responsibilities relating to fiscal management. The Committee will consist of Board Members, the Treasurer will chair the committee and at- large community members will be selected as deemed necessary:

  1. Review and recommend approval of an annual operating budget
  2. Regularly review financial results
  3. Oversee the management financial assets
  4. Review and evaluate internal controls and make recommendations
  5. Provide basic bookkeeping functions

Key Responsibilities
To fulfill its purposes, the Committee shall:

Review and Approve an Annual Operating Budget:
Annually, the Committee will review the proposed annual operating budget for the ensuing fiscal year. After review and amendment, if necessary, the Committee will recommend a final operating budget to the full Board of Directors for approval.

Review of the Financial Results:
Members of the Committee will receive and review financial statements consisting of the then current year-to-date: 1) statement of financial position, 2) operating statements, 3) cash flows; and 4) key financial performance benchmarks that the Committee deems relevant from time-to-time. These financial statements will be accompanied by a narrative from management highlighting any financial issues and, where necessary, management actions related thereto.

Oversee the Management of Financial Assets
The Committee will consider the management of financial assets, their protection and sufficiency to determine the sustainability of Raise A Child of the Carolinas.

Review and Evaluate Internal Controls and make Recommendations
The Committee will periodically review and update the accounting manual and determine the sufficiency of controls to protect Raise A Child of the Carolinas from fraud or abuse. It will make recommendations for improvements to the board of Directors. In addition, at its regularly scheduled meetings, the Committee will also review the status of the financial condition and discuss, in detail, issues that emerge from the review. The Committee will continually review and advise the Board of Directors, Treasurer or Director regarding the form, content, and frequency of financial information necessary for it to fulfill its responsibilities described herein.

Bookkeeping Functions:
Assist The RACC with end of year audit, processing financial documents, performing accounting work and completing basic administrative tasks. Assist Program Director with grant compliance and funding received both discretionary and non-discretionary.

Raise a Child of The Carolinas (The RACC) is a 501c3 non-profit organization focused on exposing youth to academic enrichment opportunities that are common in their communities, thus inspiring them to reach their full potential. The RACC organization was started in 2018 and provides local children with afterschool clubs and seasonal camps.

Committee Member
Size of Group
1 individual
Type of Opportunity
Committee Member
Skills Needed
  • Finance & Accounting
Monday, January 29th, 2024
Opportunity can occur at any time, day or night, within a selected date range.
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Work from Anywhere

This opportunity has passed.