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Project One’s mission is to provide a path to and through college for motivated students from low-income, single-parent families. Mentoring relationships are part of the holistic support our program provides our scholarship recipients (also referred to as “scholars” or “mentees”) to increase their ability to persist to graduation successfully. As a program requirement, all scholars are paired with a caring adult mentor to help them navigate and demystify their college journey. Our mentors come from a wide range of backgrounds and professional sectors and are eager to share their time and experience with their mentees.

By definition, a mentor is “an experienced individual who serves as a trusted counselor, advisor, and coach to help guide another individual’s development.” Project One mentors provide scholars: 

  • Information resources
  • Emotional support 
  • Professional role models 
  • Social capital
  • Accountability 
  • Access to opportunities 
  • Empathetic and impartial guidance   
  • And much more… 

Mentors can bring a fresh perspective, help with academic and professional goals, normalize struggles, offer objective feedback, and serve as a source of inspiration and support. We have heard from many Project One graduates that a significant factor in their ability to navigate through their degree programs effectively was having good mentorship. Scholars are strongly encouraged to lean on their mentors to help manage both the challenges and opportunities that arise along their path through college.

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