Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Winston Robinson
Primary Contact Name
Winston Robinson
Main Address

Charlotte, NC 28216
United States

What We Do

Applesauce Group is a grassroots 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering people from historically excluded communities. Through our authentically engaging events and uplifting spaces, we aim to organically create joy and provide access to essential resources that encourage upward mobility.

Our name is inspired by the age-old parental trick of using applesauce to mask the taste of medicine. We believe that by using enjoyable experiences as a means of delivering essential resources, we can make a positive impact on individuals and communities.

MISSION STATEMENT: To create & harness joy, for building better futures.

VISION STATEMENT: To become a leader in connecting people from historically excluded communities to life & trajectory-enhancing resources, by leveraging joy.


Interesting Info
  • We provide the joy... Everything else comes easier, afterwards.
The vibes are so real...
The vibes are so real...
A Vibe Outside 2023 - Less than an hour after torrential rainfall and storms.