Baby Bundles

Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Paula Foust
Main Address

P. O. Box 12303
Charlotte, NC 28220
United States

Baby Bundles Warehouse
6509 Northpark Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28211
United States

NC 28203
United States

Drop off donations @ the Child and Family Bldg
601 E 5th St #480
Charlotte, NC 28202
United States

NC 28209
United States

What We Do
Baby Bundles is dedicated to providing new and gently used baby clothing, blankets bibs, books and toys to underprivileged newborns in the Charlotte area. It is a sort of "baby shower" in a bag for those mothers who do not have the money to purchase even the most essential items they need for their baby. Baby Bundles partners with numerous community organizations, to identify the mothers with the greatest financial need. Our bundles are intended as a demonstration of love and community support as well as the provision of practical and essential items to the families we serve.
Interesting Info
  • In 2019 Baby Bundles provided 1250 bundles to moms in need. Our goal for 2020 is to deliver 1400 bundles to families in need.
  • Many of our bundles are assembled with great care and love by local school children who come to Baby Bundles as a field trip or with their families.
  • We have lots of volunteer opportunities for corporate partners, community groups and individuals available now and booking into the fall!!