Camping With Cradle

Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Dr. Keith Cradle, PhD
Primary Contact Name
Keith Cradle
Main Address

PO BOX 481431
Charlotte, NC 28269
United States

What We Do

The Camping With Cradle outdoor mentoring program is a means for young adults to become more familiar with the outdoors. The program is designed as a group mentoring model; each outing will allow a group of approximately 6-8 youth to experience an outdoor trip. Each group of youth meets at a designated camp site for a weekend outing. Prior to the outing, programming will take place to discuss what is to be expected and what is to be gained. Outdoor camping sessions focus on team building, outdoor skills, environmental education, and school support.

Interesting Info
  • 85% of the youth we serve have never been camping before.
  • We want to provide youth with fully stocked backpacks they can keep after a trip.
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