Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Davita Galloway
Primary Contact Name
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Main Address

1824 Statesville Ave, Ste 105
United States

What We Do

CrownKeepers exists to influence and sustain the arts and creative culture in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our mission is to reinvigorate the artistic vision, scope and impact of black artists, as well as be an empowering, authentic link in the community. We drive this mission by providing art and trade-based education to those lacking creative opportunities and outlets, supporting all-level artists by building platforms to celebrate their craft(s) and entrepreneurial initiatives, and by introducing art-filled, empowering experiences for the benefit of the general public. Our overall vision is to create access and opportunities that help creatives, artsy entrepreneurs and disenfranchised communities navigate their own journey to empowerment.

Interesting Info
  • we are the epitome of support--providing opportunity for ALL creatives
  • we enjoy working with communities considered 'marginalized.' their work is filled with a tangible passion and purpose!
  • we apsire to 'color' ALL OF CHARLOTTE!
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