DevoCenter for Service-Learning

Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Charlene Turner
Primary Contact Name
Charlene Turner
Main Address

321 Minitree Lane
Charlotte, NC 28214
United States

What We Do

The DevoCenter vision is for women to have fulfilling careers in community service.

Our mission is to prepare women for nonprofit entrepreneurship and empower them to pursue big dreams. In service of our mission we help female founders of educational nonprofits improve operations, develop meaningful youth programs, and prepare for valuable opportunities.

We provide capacity and professional development to manage operations, develop learning content, and facilitate relationships with partners who have an interest in supporting women and youth, education and civic engagement. We believe that together we build better nonprofits.

Free Meetup for Women In Nonprofits | Nonprofit Storytelling - How do you describe your organizations vision and the work that you do? Learn how excellent bios, budgets, and logic models prepare you for successful fundraising.

Nonprofit Mastermind for Women |  Join us for year-round professional learning, accountability and networking for women in community service roles. We'll work with you to build a digital portfolio that includes a letter of inquiry, proposal template, logic model, funder presentation and more. Access specialized content and videos, get guidance and feedback, participate in live online events, and celebrate with us!

Interesting Info
  • Since 2021 we've served 20 women with a reach of almost 200 young people. We have provided more than 600 pro bono hours and $2,500 in mini grants in the form
  • 100% of participants manage educational nonprofits and have been in business for 2 years or more; and 83% of organizations have budgets under $150k.
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