Dottie Rose Foundation

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Jillian Klingberg, Executive Director
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Jillian Klingberg
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5220 Buckingham Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28209
United States

What We Do

The Dottie Rose Foundation serves elementary, middle, and high school girls in Charlotte and surrounding areas. The demographics of our girls range - 65% black/latino, 20% white and 15% mixed races. 85% of our girls come from underserved, under funded communities within Charlotte. Our programs always end with a variety of girls from different backgrounds, races and economic households. It makes for a wonderful group of girls and beautiful friendships are made.  Our programs demonstrate that most future career paths will benefit from developing a wide range of increasingly important technology and software skills. We will accomplish this through mastering computational thinking, boosting self confidence and creating new possibilities for each girl. We are seeking both funding and a thought partnership to support and create meaningful experiences in the field of technology and computer science for our girls. We want to impact 300 girls this Summer. Scaling our Reach - We are looking for partners to support our ability to reach and serve more girls through online programming and using cutting edge technology. In addition, providing opportunities for girls from across our network to come together for learning in a summit. BONUS GOOD: Your donation also creates new jobs, since we need to hire more online teachers, and helps us maintain our partnerships with other Charlotte businesses, organizations and nonprofits

Interesting Info
  • We have educated over 750 girls in the field of computer science and technology since 2018
  • In 1995, 37% of computer scientists were women. Today, it’s only 24%. If we do nothing, in ten years the number of women in computing will decrease to just 22%.
  • We want to impact 300 girls in 2023!
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