Evolutionary Aquatics

Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Elaine Ford
Primary Contact Name
Elaine Ford
Main Address

Evolutionary Aquatics Business Office
1327 Moretz Ave
Charlotte, NC 28206
United States

Evolutionary Aquatics Pool #1 (West Charlotte High School)-Do not send mail to this address
2219 Senior Drive
Charlotte, NC 28206
United States

Evolutionary Aquatics Pool #2(Fairmeadows Swim Club)-Do not send mail to this address
2800 Eastburn Rd
Charlotte, NC 28210
United States

What We Do

We provide low to no-cost adult-centered swim lessons, team practices, and recreational aquatic programming  in an educational setting that creates a strong Black and African American community. We believe every adult should, at a minimum, know how to be safe and comfortable in the water, and at a maximum, learn to swim and utilize swimming as a self and generational life-saving skill. 

Interesting Info
  • One of the first all Black swim clubs to join US Masters Swim
  • Associated with Mahogany Mermaids Masters Swim clubs
Volunteer Opportunities

Little Sugar Creek Community Garden
Repeats daily on Friday and Saturday for 238 times

Mahogany Mermaids Masters Swim club's 10 year anniversary shield
Male coach leans over to talk swimmer in the water
Group of swimmers in the water
group of smiling swimmers