Fathers United Inc

Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
La'Vaar Wynn
Primary Contact Name
La'Vaar Wynn
Main Address

Fathers united Inc
4009 Corning Place
Suite E2-220
Charlotte, NC 28216
United States

What We Do

Fathers United Inc desires to eliminate paternal alienation and fatherlessness by increasing awareness, assistance, and networking to drastically increase the participation of all fathers in every child’s life. We are based out of Charlotte, NC and expanding nationwide we educate uneducated fathers on their paternal rights as well as the importance of becoming and or remaining active in all children's lives.

Interesting Info
  • Fathers United has has rescued 188 children from fatherlessness.
  • Fathers United has assisted 67 fathers with securing their parental rights of at least joint physical custody
  • Fathers United aims to assist 1500 Fathers with securing their parental rights.