Foundation For Girls

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Shreya & Sahana Mantha, Co-Founders
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We are a virtual organization.
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What We Do
Foundation For Girls (FFG) economically empowers homeless single mothers and supports their children. FFG invests in women to become financially savvy, digitally capable, and career confident. FFG's 4-pillar programming in Financial Well-Being, Career Journey, Digitally Forward, and Circle of Care equips women with the resources, relationships, and recommendations needed on their journey to financial independence. FFG gives women access to opportunities, prepares for higher-income jobs, instills confidence to keep a job, surrounds with nurturing coaches, and nudges them towards financial resilience. We are leading the way in driving long-term systemic change to economically empower women through Conscious Collaboration, Consistent Community, and Crucial Capabilities. Our Programs: Financial Well-Being: Delivering fundamental knowledge of personal finance and tools to achieve financial independence. A variety of workshops to help girls and youth develop their financial literacy & build economic independence. Each 90-minute class is a stepping stone to improving their knowledge of financial products, tools, and pitfalls; practicing skills that lead to healthy money management, and hearing practical advice. Career Journey: Providing confidence and tools necessary to navigate through individual career paths while supporting their independent development and promoting economic empowerment. It starts by identifying strengths, recognizing weaknesses, and understanding how one fits into the larger world we live in. Digitally Forward: Training in essential digital skills and MOS Certification to move them onward and upward in both their life and careers. In our increasingly digital world, the ability to navigate technology is crucial for academic and economic advancement. Circle of Care: Investing ongoing intellectual, social, emotional, and financial capital so girls-in-crisis can gradually nudge themselves to a life of independence. Creating the essential social connectivity infrastructure and support for every girl in the program. - 1-on-1 coaching and support based on an individual needs assessment by a coach. - Care Packs - Gift Cards for Food and Transportation - Temporary Rental Assistance To find out more, visit:
Interesting Info
  • Over 2,500 homeless single mothers and children economically empowered
  • Economic Empowerment = Financial Well-Being + Career Journey + Digitally Forward + Circle of Care
  • Shop the FFG Impact Shop ( With every purchase, invest in a homeless single mother and her child.