Galilee Ministries of East Charlotte

Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Toni Hagerman, Executive Director
Main Address

3601 Central Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28205
United States

What We Do
Galilee Ministries’ location on Central Avenue is perfect for addressing the shifting demographics of our neighborhood. New residents bring a variety of cultural enrichment to the east of us, and trendy upscale gentrification characterizes the area to the west. With this fluctuation, it’s easy for people to become lost in the shuffle. Gentrification brings rising rental costs and changes in businesses that had previously occupied space for decades. Resettlement brings neighbors with different foods, clothing and languages. All of this leads to a sense of disorientation, isolation, and in some cases loneliness and depression. Mecklenburg County is home to over 150,000 immigrants (14% of our population), many of whom make their home in the east part of the Charlotte. 43% of senior adults suffer from a sense of loneliness. More than 10% of seniors and 35% of children in Charlotte suffer from food insecurity. Galilee Ministries has created a place of welcome and needed services for all of our neighbors. At Galilee Center, over 700 people find what they need each week—food, education, and counseling. But our most important contribution to the health of our neighborhood is a sense of community and belonging in the midst of much diversity.
Interesting Info
  • We serve over 700 people each week: English & citizenship classes, community garden & meals, help center, food pantry
  • Our zip code is ranked one of the best places to live in Charlotte and one of the most diverse.
  • Creating an outdoor space, a "semi-public" orchard, where all of our neighbors can experience beauty and abundance.
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