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Local Leader/Exec. Director
Amy Farrell
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Amy Farrell
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PO Box 31365
Charlotte, NC 28231
United States

What We Do

GenerationNation develops a new generation of civic leaders.

GenerationNation students build civic literacy, becoming civic leaders who:

  • Know first-hand how their governments and communities work
  • Understand and can discuss community issues
  • Are able find and use good sources of news and civic information
  • Build social capital, knowledge, and experience for active civic leadership and problem-solving, now and into college, career, and adulthood.

GenerationNation programs combine K-12 education and real-life experiences that help to narrow civic learning gaps, and include Charlotte-Mecklenburg Youth Council, Youth Lead Charlotte-Mecklenburg, Student Advisor to the school board, Kids Lead, civics704, student mock election ("Kids Voting"), K-12 civic literacy curriculum and teacher support, Alumni network, and other initiatives that build civic literacy and leadership from an early age.

GenerationNation is the only Charlotte organization providing this service to local K-12 students. Nearly 1 million Charlotte-Mecklenburg students have built and applied civic knowledge and skills through GenerationNation programs. Launched in 1992 by the Charlotte Observer, CMS, and other community stakeholders as a mock election event called Kids Voting, in the early 2000s our organization led local efforts for the NC Civic Index, and with resulting stakeholder feedback and support, our organization expanded our work to become GenerationNation in 2011-12. GenerationNation now works year-round through expanded programming and deeper impact.

Interesting Info
  • GenerationNation is a recipient of the American Civic Innovation Award.
  • Student leaders from every high school come together to lead, learn, and serve in GenerationNation youth programs.
  • Charlotte-Mecklenburg Youth Council is the official student advisory council for CMS, City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, and GenerationNation.
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Volunteer Opportunities

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Youth Council
Repeats daily on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
Duration of 23 hours 59 minutes

Photos and Videos
Student advisor town hall
Breana Student Advisor 2021
Student leaders
student leaders 2022-23
CMYC 2021
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