Ketchmore Kids

Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Chanell Ketchmore
Main Address

PO Box 26243
Charlotte, NC 28221
United States

What We Do
We Help Provide Hope, Healing, And Peace Of Mind To Youth And Families. Our 6-Week "Think Tank" Program Is Dedicated To Teaching Teens & Young Adults Realistic Conflict Resolution Skills. We Help Them Understand That Every Disagreement/Argument Does Not Have To End With Someone Being Hurt Or Killed. We Also Use Arts & Culture To Build The Interpersonal Skills Of Youth, And To Help Youth Who Have Been Impacted By Violence Manage Grief And Trauma. Through Our "Healing With Hip-Hop Program", We Help Youth Who Know Someone Who Has Been Hurt Or Killed By Violence, Manage The Grief And Trauma Associated With This. Through Our "Triple P", Positive Parenting Program, With Work With Parents Of All Ages To Help Them Come Up With Positive Behavior Strategies, And Increase Family Bonds.
Interesting Info
  • We Have Supported Thousands Of Youth And Families Through Our Work In North Carolina And Virginia!
  • Our Genuine Incorporation Of Hip-Hop Music And Culture Has Resonated With Many Of The Communities And Families We Serve!
  • We Would Like Our Work To Be Significant In Helping To Stop The Cycle Of Violence That Ends with The Loss Of Too Many Lives!
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