Kings Growing Kings Mentoring

Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Howard Glover
Public Contact Name
Lamar Glover
Main Address

5819 Hunting ridge Lane
Charlotte, NC 28212
United States

What We Do

Hard Grinderz KGK Mentoring program teaches non-traditional sports, health, fitness, outdoor recreation and personal development to youth and families to the diverse communities of Charlotte NC and surrounding areas. This mentoring program is a 7on7 traveling football team as well that provide 13–16-year-old kids with entrepreneurial and toastmaster skills as well as free personal training and an opportunity for economic mobility, Hard Grinderz (DYP project) is a program that teaches non-traditional sports (archery) to all youth in the Charlotte NC area and surrounding areas. The DYP project promotes peace, nonviolent communication and conflict de-escalation. It also improves behavior in the classroom, reducing barriers, improving overall discipline and creating programs for after-school and summer learning loss for students.

Interesting Info
  • Hard Grinderz Best enrichment afterschool program ever K-12 and a Mentoring program for ages 13-16
  • Hard Grinderz teaches environmental education.
  • Hard Grinderz brakes radical barriers by giving youth and families a safe space to learn and grow together through diverse programming.
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Volunteer Opportunities

Afterschool enrichment Program Volunteer
Repeats weekly at 3:00pm until Friday, May 19th, 2023
Flexible Timing


Afterschool enrichment Program
Repeats daily at 3:00pm until Saturday, May 20th, 2023
Duration of 3 hours
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