Lakeview Neighborhood Alliance

Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Jamaal Kinard
Primary Contact Name
Jamaal Kinard
Main Address

Lakeview Neighborhood Alliance
3115 Kalynne St
Charlotte, NC 28208
United States

What We Do

Lakeview Neighborhood Alliance (LNA) is a community quarterback organization located in the Lakeview neighborhood of Charlotte, NC. Our mission is to engage community members, educate them on opportunities and connect them to resources, while advocating for Lakeview's growth and empowerment. We aim to cultivate strong community leadership, develop (youth, family, and senior citizen) programming and create a safe and beautiful environment for residents to thrive and position themselves for upward mobility.

Our model is to engage residents, provide education and access to resources to benefit residents, and to empower families to have ownership over their lives. We accomplish this through four program areas:

  • Child & Family Stability
  • Prevention of Displacement
  • Economic Mobility
  • Civic Awareness & Cultural Responsibility

In collaboration with the United Neighborhoods program from the United Way of Charlotte, NC, community quarterback organizations employ a place-based, holistic, two-generation strategy that focuses on changing the odds in Charlotte's most underinvested neighborhoods through comprehensive, resident-driven neighborhood revitalization so that children and families can achieve economic mobility. Through this approach, the residents of Lakeview express their vision for the neighborhood as they work toward a self-determined, self-governing, and self-sufficient community.

A key part of this role is they that LNA coordinates care among many nonprofit and community organizations in the areas of health, mental health, education, youth and family services, and more.

Interesting Info
  • In FY 2023, LNA provided 2,061 services and 2,391 hours of contact with residents- a 53.8% increase from the prior year.
  • 96.8% of residents report that they trust LNA- a rate higher than all other organizations surveyed.