The Lesesne Collective dba Sisters in Education Circle (SIEC)

Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Dr. Akosua Lesesne
Primary Contact Name
Akosua Lesesne
Main Address

PO Box 19929
Charlotte, NC 28219
United States

United States

What We Do

Mission: Black students have a wide range of excellent Black educators versed in Black pedagogical genius and committed to Black education for justice and liberation. Our services increase recruitment, decrease attrition and expand advancement among Black teachers through a five-pronged approach: 1. Black Teaching Tradition (BTT): Teacher development framework for Black pedagogical genius, 2. Sisters in Education Circle (SIEC) Retreats and Support Cycles for Black Women Educators, 3. Professional Development Library for Black Education, 4. Interactive Museum of Black Education, and 5. Demonstration School: Development of future teachers in the art and legacies of Black teaching. SIEC is an intergenerational community of Black women educators impacting PK-16 education. Sixty percent of Black people in the nation live in 10 states. One hundred percent of these states are represented among sisters in education within the SIEC community. SIEC community members work in and/or influence the work of over 70% of the top 25 more prominent, predominantly Black school districts in the nation.

Interesting Info
  • Black students who have one Black teacher by the third grade are 13% more likely to enroll in college. They are 32% more likely if they have two Black teachers.
  • Less than 7% of U.S. school teachers are Black.
  • Increase U.S population of Black teachers so that it's proportionate to the Black student population.
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