The Lotus Project

Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Susan Cherin, Artistic Director
Kayla Piscatelli, Managing Director
Primary Contact Name
Susan Cherin
Main Address

4952 Cricklewood Lane
Charlotte, NC 28212
United States

United States

What We Do


The LOTUS Project seeks to empower humans of all ages to rise up and conquer obstacles, for themselves, for others, for their community. Using the visual & performing arts as a vehicle, our work focuses on self empowerment, relationship building, and community advocacy. Through creative expression, we look inward to discover ourselves; we look outward to learn about others; and we look forward to changing the world, one human at a time. 

At The Lotus Project, we seek to EMPOWER.

Life, no matter which path you walk along, is full of “murky waters.”
Our mission is to give both individuals and communities the tools to rise above the mud, while simultaneously embracing the lessons it teaches us.

With a focus on inclusion, relationship building, conflict resolution, community advocacy, and social justice, we offer a variety of creative experiences for humans of all ages and backgrounds. From classes and camps, to corporate workshops and individual coaching, we strive to Listen, Observe, Talk, Understand, and Share.

From the mud, something beautiful can grow. From our challenges and struggles, we can grow. We'd love to have you join us on our journey to change the world, one human at a time. PLease visit our website for more information, or to donate to our scholarship or become a Sponsor: 

Interesting Info
  • In our first year, we have served over 500 people, ages 5 - 80, in classes, camps, workshops, and productions
  • We believe the arts should be accessible to ALL so we include everyone who wants to participate, regardless of skill, experience, or background.
  • We create a nurturing, inclusive environment where process is more important than product, and participants feel seen, valued, and safe.
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