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Year Founded:
Local Leader / Exec. Director:
Edna Chirico
Main Address:
9700 Research Drive
Suite 125
Charlotte, NC 28262

What We Do

Out Teach coaches and inspires teachers on how to take their classes outside to learn, then builds them engaging outdoor learning laboratories, in order to unlock student performance with the power of outdoor experiential learning.

Numerous studies have shown that two of the most powerful indicators of student academic achievement are the effectiveness of their teachers and their own engagement in their learning. We believe in using outdoor, experiential learning as a tool that makes students more engaged in their learning. We also believe in helping good teachers become great, by expanding on their base of skills and helping them feel able and empowered to take their classes outside to learn, adding another powerful tool to their teaching toolbox. So when talented, effective teachers take their students outside to engage with their learning in a real, relevant, hands-on way, we see significant gains in academic achievement across all subject areas.

Interesting Info

Out Teach trains teachers in underserved schools and builds dynamic outdoor learning laboratories to improve academics and healthy lifestyles.
Out Teach increases teacher effectiveness and student engagement through outdoor experiential learning.
Out Teach transforms under-utilized spaces at elementary schools into dynamic learning laboratories.

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