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Year Founded:
Local Leader / Exec. Director:
Jennifer Opferman
Main Address:
2764 Pleasant Road
Fort Mill, SC 29708
Jo Ann Fabrics South Blvd Drop off
9523 South Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28273

What We Do

We provide comfort items to 11 different NICU's between North and South Carolina. Our first and most contacted hospital is Novant Hemby in Charlotte, NC. We provide Blankets, hats to fit, and Inspirational Hearts.

Inspirational Hearts are given to the family to bond scent between parent and baby. The mom wears it for 24 hours and brings it back to be in the isolette for a scent from home away from home. 24 hours later they take the other heart home for a scent from the baby at home.

We provide items for both everyday and at each holiday. We also provide nationwide packets to families in the NICU


How are we impacted:

While hospitals are protecting our most vulnerable in the NICU, this prevents both parents going into the NICU together, Grandparents are no longer allowed, nor any visitors like siblings and other immediate family that normally would be able to let our NICU babies they aren't alone. Our need to bond scent between mom and baby along with other families members has now tripled. Also, when bedding is changed for our NICU babies those items now are sent home meaning the amount of times the Isolette is cleaned as nearly quadrupled the need for blankets and Isolette covers.

Financial Donation Request: We are looking for a donation of $1500 to purchase fabric, thread, elastic, and other supplies to meet the needs of the NICU's right here in the Charlotte area with extra Inspirational Hearts, Blankets, Masks, and a journal to help them remember important things said by the nurses and doctors to relay to other family members.

1) We are looking to provide each NICU family with an additonal 4 sets of hearts for bonding due to the grandparents not being able to be in the NICU so their scent is acquired also, along with any siblings that may not be able to come in

2) We would like to provide Novant Health NICU with approximately 100 blankets per month so they can continue to change bedding without worrying if they will have a blanket to replace the one they have to remove.

3) We would like to provide each NICU family with 2 masks that can be washed during their stay in the NICU.

4) We are in need of Quart, Gallon, Sandwhich bags to secure all items after washing them to protect from Covid-19 and other illnesses during each families Journey in the NICU. Bags can be found on our Amazon wish list

To make a donation, please visit our donation link of our website

Interesting Info

Over 3000 nicu families
Next time you grab a 12 oz coke can, feel the weight, that is your micro preemie
We would like to provide breakfast to our NICUs once a month

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