Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Arika Trimnell
Primary Contact Name
Arika Trimnell
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70804-C Fairview
Suite 241 Rd
United States

What We Do

Our organization, Prism Lite is a unique and innovative approach to addressing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE). Children and youth in the United States are experiencing mental illness at much higher rates than previously estimated, with approximately half of those cases occurring by the time they reach high school, and another 25% experiencing mental illness before they reach 25 years old (NAMI, 2022). With the effects of political and civil unrest, school violence, a pandemic, climate change, and growing poverty, children and adolescents are confronted with instability on a daily basis that can lead to lasting trauma and negative health outcomes as adults. Through increased community-based support networks and social-emotional skill building, we can reduce the likelihood and the effects of childhood trauma on individual children, their families, and communities.

We focus on creating environments that support the whole child through building community resiliency to prevent and mitigate the adverse outcomes of childhood trauma. We foster equity through cross-sector, multilevel collaboration among community sectors and key stakeholders. Prism Lite program is a trauma-informed program for families, businesses, faith-based centers, and communities to build resilience and their own sense of worth by centering themselves.

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