Project Scientist

Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Sandy Marshall
Primary Contact Name
Jacki Lane
Main Address

PO Box 11291
Charlotte, NC 28220
United States

Project Scientist
United States

What We Do

Founded in Charlotte, Project Scientist is a national education nonprofit that exposes under-resourced girls to the joys and possibilities of science, technology, engineering, arts and math. We provide equitable, evidence-based STEAM programs in English and Spanish for girls ages 4 to 18.

We partner with schools, libraries, and other nonprofits across the country to bring our after-school programs to their locations. We lead summer programs for girls on location at exciting STEM companies and schools.

Our programs feature engaging themes and hands-on activities led by highly credentialed, Project Scientist-certified teachers. Students meet accomplished STEM role models from leading companies, including Trane Technologies, Duke Energy, Pentair, Ally Bank, Albemarle, and Nucor.

All Project Science educators receive advanced training through the Project Scientist Teaching Institute. They learn how to integrate gender and racially equitable teaching strategies in any educational setting. These strategies are proven to improve student outcomes and build educator confidence.

Our programs cultivate girls’ belief in their own abilities. With Project Scientist, underserved girls know there is a place in STEM for them.

Join us by donating to Project Scientist today! We also have volunteer opportunities for women in STEM and anyone who would like to assist during after-school and summer programs.


Interesting Info
  • Our vision is to provide 1 million high-quality experiences in science, technology, engineering, arts and math by 2040.
  • We’ll reach that goal by serving 500,000 under-resourced and marginalized girls in the communities where they live.
Geographic Location
Project Scientist builds girls' confidence in their STEM abilities.
Hands-on STEM fun
Project Scientist programs inspire joy and wonder.
Project Scientist lets girls know, "You look like a scientist."
A day of discovering virtual reality